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    Magic Matrix

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    Magic matrix
    A N*N matrix is called a magic matrix if it is filled with numbers in {1.. N^2} and sum of the values in all rows, columns are equal.

    Supposing an odd N, we are planing to describe how to create such a matrix.
    Example of such a matrix is as following:

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    Select an arbitary cell in matrix ad start with 1.
    | |
    | |
    | 1 |

    cell (i,j)=(3,1) is selected. The next number will be placed in the cell (i-1) and(j-1). If this cell is out of bound, i.e

    if i-1 <0 then i=N
    if j-1 < 0 ...

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    A comprehensive step by step agorithm tries to show how to create a N*N magic matrix for odd values of N.