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Guidance using classes in C++

I am trying to learn about how to use classes with private and public variables in c++. I've got a conversion program that I would like to use as a prop. If I was to add a class to this program, what I think I know is... (Just to say, this is still fresh and I don't have a full grasp of all the concepts yet) I know t

Write a C++ program to compute and display election results.

I need help with the following program. I have an attachment with the code written. I just need the code added to where the info can be read in from a file. Write a program that allows the user to enter the last names of five candidates in a local election and the number of votes received by each candidate. The program should

Converting Infix to Postfix with C++

For every postfix expression there exists a corresponding and uniquely defined infix expression that evaluates to the same number. The converse is not true. The infix expression a + b + c can be represented as either abc++ or ab+c+ in postfix. The reason for the ambiguity is the lack of brackets in the infix expression. If th

C++ stack storing integers, strings, pairs of numbers

Extend the improved stack class stack2 so that the derived class stack would be also capable to store integers, strings, or pairs of integers. Model the pair by a structure with two integer-valued fields x and y. In the main program, define several integers, strings, and pairs and demonstrate pushing them to and popping from

C++ Function Declaration

Please show all work. Here are the problems: 2. Given the following function declaration, fill in the body so that the function will return 5 times the parameter squared plus 22.7 times the parameter minus 17.6 double funTwo (double x) // your code here return z end function funTwo 3. Given the following functi

Simple C++ program using "if" statements.

A control system applies a force to an actuator proportional to the voltage of a signal coming into the control system. It is desired not to allow actuator to quiver back and forth in the presence of small corrections near zero-force point. More force is required for the actuator to move to the left (negative direction of motion

Various small C++ programming problems

6. Consider the following sequence of C++ code int age; cout << "Please enter your age: "<<endl; cin>> Age; Would this code sequence compile? Explain. (5 points) Answer: 17. What does the following pseudocode do? (4 points) Input x Input y Set result = (x+y)/2 Output result Answer: 18. Using pseudocode o

Football Ticket Sales Console Program C++

The manager of a football stadium wants you to write a program that calculates the total ticket sales after each game. THere are four types of tickets box, sidelline, premium and general admission. After each game data is stored in a file in the following form ticketPrice numberOfTicketsSold Sample data shown below 250 57

Parking garage charges a minimum fee program using C++

A parking garage charges a minimum fee of $2.00 to park for up to 3 hours. The garage charges an additional $0.50 per hour for each hour or part thereof in excess of 3 hours. The maximum charge for any given 24-hour period is $10.00. Assume that no car parks for longer than 24 hours at a time. Write a program that will calculate

Loop C++ Program

1) write this program using a while statement 2) write the program using a for statement and 3) write the program using a do-while statment set. Write a program that reads a set of integers, and then finds and prints the sum of the even and odd integers

C++ - simple fractions

Design a C++ program containing a class Fraction. The class data should have two variables numerator and denominator, both of type integer, to represent the fraction numerator/denominator. The fraction representation within the object must allow no simplification. That is, the numerator and denominator have to have no common div

C++: Write a Class Coord that Includes Degrees

In ocean navigation, locations are measured in degrees and minutes of latitude and longitude. For example, 149 degrees 34.8 minutes west longitude, and 17 degrees 31.5 minutes south latitude, to be written as 149°34.8' W, 17°31.5' S. There are 60 minutes in a degree. Longitudes are measured from 0 to 180 degrees, east or west

Write a C++ program that uses a two-dimensional array to store the highest and lowest temperature for the first five months of the year. The program should output the average high, average low, and the highest and lowest temperatures for the year.

Write a C++ program that uses a two-dimensional array to store the highest and lowest temperature for the first five months of the year. The program should output the average high, average low, and the highest and lowest temperatures for the year. The program must consist of the following functions: * Function indexHighTemp

C++ - arrays

Create a C++ class that implements a "safe" array, where the arrays bounds are checked before accessing its elements. The class constructor must accept an integer parameter and create a dynamic array of that size for storing integers, implemented as a vector. The constructor must initialize all array elements with 0. Add two met

C++ Program to Display Linear Input Data in 2D Configuration

Suppose a user has integer data values that he/she wishes to store in a two-dimensional array. Write a C++ program that first asks the user to input the size(dimensions) of the array, and then asks the user to input the data values and stores them accordingly. Finally, the program displays the values in the configuration specifi

C++ Program: Dealing with Matrices

Write a C++ program that uses class Matrix for dealing with the square matrices (n x n tables of integers). The class constructor has to create a dynamic nxn matrix for n passed as a parameter. Supply the class with a copy constructor. Two overloaded operators + and * have to be implemented for adding and multiplying two matrice

C++ Function ReverseDigit

Write a C++ function reverseDigit that takes an integer as a parameter and returns the number with its digits reversed.

Java application program

I need help with a program that will calculate mortgage payments. The program must be written in Java that will calculate and display the monthly payment amount to fully amortize a $200,000.00 loan over a 30 year term at 5.75? interest. Please see attachment the last person who did this did not do it how I describe.

C++ Program to store values in a linked list

Create a structure that has one variable called value and one pointer to the list (making it a linked list). Prompt for 5 values from the keyboard as input and store them in the linked list. Print out the current contents of the list. Allow the user to add one more value to the linked list, and print the contents of the list aga

How to add floating point numbers in C++ and print

Write a program that asks the user to enter two positive floating point numbers and after checking their validity it prints them in fixed point notation with the width of ten and with two digits to the right of the decimal point. It uses the conditional operator to determine which number is smaller and which number is larger. It

Switch statements

Make this program using switch statements in Visual Basic/C++. Based the tuition fee of the student to the following: Year Code Year Name Downpayment 1 Freshmen 10% of tuition fee 2 Sophomore 15% of tuition fee 3 Junior 20% of tui

Design a module named getNumber which uses a reference parameter variable to accept an Integer argument. The module should prompt the user to enter a number and then store the input in the reference parameter variable.

Design a module named getNumber which uses a reference parameter variable to accept an Integer argument. The module should prompt the user to enter a number and then store the input in the reference parameter variable. I'm having difficulty comprehending the concept of a reference variable. I've written my module below, howe

An Example of Writing a C++ Program

Write a c++ program that accepts the name and sales of a salesperson. Using an IF statement, determine the level and commission using the table below: sales level commission Below 15,000 "green" 0 15,000 to 25,000 "blue" 1,500 + 25% of sales that exceeds

C++ program to simulate rolling of two dice

Write a C++ program that simulates the rolling of two dice. The user will input the number of times that the dice are rolled. Output the number of times and the percentage in rolling a seven. Please see attached.

Software Engineering

Do this exercise in C++ language, prefer use Visual C++ or DevC to compile. Exercise 6.3: A polynomial of degree n has the form Where are numeric constants called the coefficients of the polynomial and #0. For example: is a polynomial of degree 4 with integer coefficients 1, 3, 0, -7 and 5. One common implementati

Recursion in C++

Write a program use C++ language with Recursion algorithm to do this exercise. Prefer compile with Visual C++ or DevC Snowflake.h and image included in attachment file. 19. What changes have to made in the program in snowflake.h to draw a line as in file fig521.jpg? Try it and experiment with other possibilities to generate

C++: Arrays, Pointers and more

1. Explain how an array works. 2.Define the purpose of a pointer. Provide an example of how it can be used 3. What are the drawbacks to using pointers? 4. What risks does Open Source Development Platforms present that may not be present with Proprietary Development Platforms? Is C++ an Open Source or Proprietary Program