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C++ Database Search Concept Program

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First let us start with a brief definition of the Database concept. A database is a collection of data records stored in a computer in a systematic way. In this way, a computer program can be used to answer queries about the data stored in the database by searching the records.
In this homework, you will write a program that will search the books written by an author published in a certain range of years. The database records that you will deal with are stored in two text files (see "Structure of Database (Input) Files" section for details). Your program will basically search and retrieve the books written by an author published in a certain range of years all entered by the user. Resulting book list will be stored in a separate output file (see "Name and Structure of Output File" section for details).
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The code is in DatabaseConcept.cpp. Averything is exlained in the comments. There are two structure BooksDataRecord and AuthorsDataRecord that ...

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The solution includes a C++ code file. It uses structures for different records and stores them in arrays. Data is read from files. Search is performed by looping through the records.