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C++ Hash Tables Book Search Program

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Using hashing , we have to have a program that does the following. It will allow a user to search for books using the ISBN, book title, or author search key. The proper implementation would be to store the actual data in a list, and use separate hash tables for each search key. The value associated with each key is not the book itself, but just the position of the book in the long list of books. We are to assume that there are no duplicates in the search keys.

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Dear Student,

Please find attached a complete C++ project done in Visual Studio 2012. In case you have another version of Visual Studio, you may want to create a new console project and add 3 source files manually (BookSearch.cpp, HashTable.h, Library.h ).

I have implemented the model for hash table that you have outlined but ...

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The solution includes a program with a C++ realization of a simple Hash Table. A book library class utilizes the hash tables to search for books by author, title or ISBN code.