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    Country names parser and simple hash table in C++

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    I am trying to create a program to help me with my business.

    Here is a list of the countries around the world: http://www.arrl.org/files/file/DXCC/dxcclist_2011e.txt

    Parse this list as appropriate to retrieve just the country names. Remove any country names that involve more than a single word. Use the remaining list of single word country names as your source of data. Do not use the "deleted entries" list.

    Write a C++ program that includes a suitable hashing function and hash table to store this list of countries into your hash table. Demonstrate building the hash table, print out the final hash table, and demonstrate at least 10 cases of retrieving items (country names) from the hash table. Your system must deal with collisions in an appropriate manner.

    Try at least two different sizes of hash tables and keep track of the number of collisions in each case and print those results.

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    Please find attached 437593.zip that contains following files.


    Here is how you should run the programs after compilation (I have tested these using g++).

    parser < dxcclist_2011e.txt > countrylist.txt
    hashtable countrylist.txt > ...

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    Attachment contains two separate programs to parse the country list and to experiment with a simple hash table implementation.