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Smooth functions

PLEASE see attachment for proper display of equations. Let f be a function from N to R+ . Function f is eventually nondecreasing if such that . Function f is smooth if it is eventually nondecreasing and such that . (a) Is the function + such that a smooth function? Verify! (b) Is the function + such th

Binary Floating Point Addition

I need this problem in the same format with 23.5 and 12.5 used as the decimals to be used. I need this to validate my own answer. A full example of Binary Floating Point Addition: Add decimals 10.5 and 3.5 using binary floating-point addition. 10.5 = 1010.1 3.5 = 11.1 Normalize: 10.5 = 1.0101 x 2^3 3.5 = 1.11

Command sequence: Access

Write the command sequence to list P_Descript, P_Indate, P_Price,and V_Code from the product table contents for either V_Code=21344 or V_Code=24Q28

The use of "this"

In writing the code for a method, a programmer might use the keyword "this". When the method is invoked from somewhere in the program, what does this refer to?