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function that prints the average for each student in class

#define CLASS_SIZE struct student{ chair*last-name: int studrent_id: char grade: }; in another file we write #include"cl_info.h" int main (void) { struct student temp, class[CLASS_SIZE}; ....... assign values to members temp.grade="A" temp.last_name="Bushker"; temp.student_id=590017;

Primary and Foreign Keys

Please tell me which one is primary key and which one is foreign key in each situation (1-1, 1-many, many-1). In () are keys but I need to know which one is primary and foreign keys. If there's no foreign keys, pls. give one foreign key each for the situation. Thank you in advance. 1. One-to-One: Man (man_name, man_age, man_

Thread Synchronization

C program that runs under cygwin which again declares three pthreads. The main program prompts the user for the values x, y, z all integers. It then starts the threads. Thread1 calculates the average of x, y and z and puts the value into a shared variable w. Thread2 calculates the product and puts the value into v. Th


C program that creates three pthreads, each of which executes a different slave process. The first slave prompts the user for two integers x and n and the uses a loop to calculate xn and outputs the result. The second slave outputs the phrase "Hello from slave 2" ten times inside the nested for loops For(I=0; i<10

E-R Diagram

Assume that at XYZ company each product (described by Product No., Description, and Cost) is comprised of at least three components (described by Component No., Description, and Unit of Measure) and components are used to make one or many products (that is, must be used in at least one product). In addition, assume that componen

Arithmetic for Computers

1. Show unique examples of binary arithmetic operations (addition and subtraction) using two's complement. 2. Show unique examples of logical manipulation of binary numbers using AND, OR, and NOT (complement). 3. Show unique examples of bit shifting of binary numbers. Remember to cite your sources!

DB: Using Word, Travel Tips 3

You will use the Travel Tips 3 document and add a table, a bulleted list, and a page border. To view these instructions while you work in Word, do either of the following: Print this page of instructions. Move back and forth between this page and Word by clicking each application's button on the Windows taskbar. Open the

Testcase Creation (Example: Vending Machine)

Derive test cases from the following informal specifications for a simple vending machine: Program CoinBox accepts quarters and distributes coffee. Users may: - insert a quarter - ask for a cup of coffee - ask for quarters to be returned Coffee costs 2 quarters. The test cases should cover each transition of the fin

Trigger in Oracle


Bugs in program

The following program tries to copy words from the address in register $a0 to the address in register $a1, counting the number of words copied in register $v0. The program stops copying when it finds a word equal to 0. You do not have to preserve the contents of registers $v1, $a0, and $a1. This terminating word should be copie

Introducing excel / college

In this project, you will create an expense report for a company's sales force, then save it. To view these instructions while you work in Excel, do either of the following: Print this page of instructions or move back and forth between this page and Excel by clicking each application's button on the Windows taskbar Retrieve

Communications Protocols Standards

Your manager has asked you to describe the frame format of a typical Ethernet packet. Prepare a written report. Be sure to discuss Manchester encoding, and Ethernet performance as more hosts are added to a network.

8080/8085 family

Write an assembly program for the following 8080/8085 family. Include comments. 1. Set the stack pointer address to 4B24h and then call a subroutine. This subroutine will give you a delay of your choice. Start the program at address 1500h. 2. Add the unsigned binary numbers 67h and 23h. 3. Load A with 10011001 and mas

Microsoft Excel Worksheet Function

Select the worksheet function that will return the largest number in a specified range of cells, the function should ignore text and logical values. Select the worksheet function that will return the smallest number (including numbers, logical values, and text,) in a specified range of cells These are the functions to pic

ASP Page

Write an ASP page that has a form taking a user's name as input. Store this name in a permanent cookie that expires in 4 days, and whenever the page is opened again, default the name field to the cookie's content.

Communication Networks Problem

1) SONET ring with four stations. Suppose tributaries established between each pair of stations to produce logical topology. Find capacity required in each hop of SONET ring in following three cases assuming first ring is unidirectional and then that ring is bidirectional a) Traffic between each pair of stations is STS-1 2

Converting hexadecimal numbers

1. Consider the following hexadecimal number C0A00000 H a. Assuming this number was read as a real number (IEEE Floating Point Standard 754), what would be equivalent decimal? Please show all the steps that you used to convert the number. b. If this number were to be interpreted as a signed integer, what would be its decimal

Communication Networks

Hi I'm stuck on 2 questions. I've looked through the examples in the text book, but cannot apply them to the questions. Any assistance on how to approach these questions would be appreciated. 1) Analog tv signal is low-pass signal with bandwidth of 4 MHz. What bit rate required if we quantize signal and require SNR of 6

Write a object oriented program to test a Triangle given its sides

Write a program that reads three real numbers for the three sides of a triangle., assigns the appropriate boolean value to the following boolean variables, and displays the associated values. Triangle: true if the real numbers can represent lengths of the sides of a triangle (the sum of any two of the numbrs must be greater

Operations and Expressions

Write a program that reads three real numbers, assigns the appropriate boolean value to the following boolean variables, and displays the associated values. Triangel: true if the real numbers can represent lengths of the sides of a triangle (the sum of any two of the numbrs must be greater than the third); false otherwise.

Convert any hexadecimal number

Write complete programs for the following problems. 1. Convert any hexadecimal number from 00 to 63h placed in AX into its equivalent unpacked BCD number in AX. 2. Multiply the byte in register AL by the byte in register BL. Place the result in AX.

Relational Algebra

From the following relations, write the Relational Algebra to: Find the part(s) that have been supplied by more than one vendor during February. Vendors(vend#, vend_name, vend_phone) Parts(part#, part_desc, part_price) Supplys(vend#, part#, supply_date).

User Defined Functions

The function printGrade in this example {see attachment} is written as a void function to compute and output the course grade. The course score is passed as a parameter to the function printGrade. Rewrite the function printGrade as a value-returning function so that it computes and returns the course grade. (The course grade

User Defined Functions

Write a value-returning function, isVowel, that returns the value true if a given character is a vowel and otherwise returns false. This is what I have so far with no luck compiling the program. Any help would be greatly appreciated. #include <iostream> using namespace std; char isVowel(); int main() { char c