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Multimedia: packet loss, playout schedules and jitter

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Answer the following questions based on the enclosed figure.

[a] Explain why the packets received curve (step line) looks different from the packets-generated curve.
[b] Suppose that packets are played right away as they are received, identify the points where jitter is most obvious.
[c] What would happen to the point indicated on the graph as a missed play-out if packets are played as they are received?
[d] What do we gain by delaying the play-out schedule?

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Apart from brief explanations, solution also gives the computation of inter-arrival jitter.

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[a] In general, packets are generated at a constant rate which is a function of encoding rate.

However these packets can suffer variable end-to-end delay due to accumulation of transmission processing and queuing delays at intermediate routers, propagation delays, and end-system processing delays along a path from source to the destination, as multiple routes can exist between a source and a destination.

Because of this variable delay associated with individual packets, they are not likely to be ...

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