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    expense report for a company's sales force

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    Create an expense report for a company's sales force, then save it. To view these instructions while you work in Excel, do either of the following: Print this page of instructions or move back and forth between this page and Excel by clicking each application's button on the Windows taskbar

    Retrieve Expense Report, save it on your computer, and open it in Excel. This partially completed workbook contains the column headings and several expense items.

    Enter a SUM function in cells C12: N12 that totals the figures in rows 8 through 11. To do so, enter =SUM(C8:C11) in cell C12, then use the copy and paste feature to copy the formula to columns D through N. (Remember that you can paste more than once without copying again).

    In cell M4, put the label "Allowance." In cell M5, type "0.32" (the amount paid per mile). In cell M8, put a formula that multiplies the mileage in cell L8 by the mileage allowance in cell M5. (Remember to use an absolute reference to cell M5 and a relative reference to L8.) Copy the formula to cells M9:M11.

    In cell N8, sum the range C8:K8 and M8 (omitting column L, which is not an expense). Hint: One way is to use the SUM function for the contiguous range and add in the noncontiguous cell. Another way is to enter the range as two separate arguments of the SUM function.) Copy the formula to cells N9:N11.

    Select the column headings in row 6 and format them as bold.

    Create a report title by typing Expense Report in A2. Select cells A2:N2 and use the Merge and Center button to center the title across the report. Change its font size to 14. Also, use the Merge and Center button to place "Transportation" above "Air and Ground" and "Meals" above "Brkfast, Lunch, and Dinner." Don't forget to format these words to match the other headings.

    Select the date in cells A8:A11 and change the format to day-month.

    Highlight the range A8:M11. Change the background to Light Turquoise; add borders around each cell in the range. (Hint: You can use the All Borders button on the Formatting toolbar.)

    You may need to change the column widths.

    Using Page Setup, create a custom footer with "Created by Your Name" at the right side. Change the page orientation to Landscape, and select the Fit to One Page option.

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