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Organic Reactions

Synthetic sequences

Question: Give reagents that would result in the organic transformations illustrated. In each case name the functional group. Answer: Provides the expected reagents for each transformation. Please see the attached "Word" file for synthetic sequences. (Brainmass Problem 8)

What reagent can be used to add a substituent to a nitrobenzene ring?

I have a nitrobenzene ring which I need to add two substituents...COOCH3 in the meta (#4) position and Iodine in the "other" meta position (#6) (the second Carbon after the ester). The nitro group needs to be taken off as well. I can't seem to find any reference materials on what reagrents can be used. Can you please advise?

Synthesize Using Benzene

How can I synthesize 3-fluoroanisole using benzene and any other compounds containing 4 carbons or less (and any inorganic reagents you wish)?