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Ceric Ammonium Itrate Test

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1. In a lab experiment, we added 2 ml of ceric ammonim nitrate reagent to a test tube. Then, we added 2 drops of Salicylic acid (2.hydroxbenzoic acid). We came up with a sort of dark brown or deep rusty color. This was a positve result.

The questions are: why did salicylic acid give a positive ceric ammonium nitrate test? Why is it that this particular acid does not cause the reaction to be a yellow solution like the acetic acid?

2. What are the probable classes of hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon derivative (i.e.: alkane, alkene. ketone. ester. organic halide, etc...) in each of the following:

a. limonene
b. testosterone (male hormone)
c. retinol (vitamin A)
d. nicotine (tobacco ingredient)
e. cinnamal (cinnamon flavoring)

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The first question is answered in an attachment which describes the experiment in 300 words from a reference. The second question is briefly explained.

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For the answer to your first question, please see the attachment. It is a test for an alcohol, or phenol (which is an ...

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