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Designing synthesis for propane, calculating saturation, boiling point

Design a synthesis for the following product. Use the starting materials that are indicated and any other reagents that you might need.

a. 2-propanol (CH3CHOHCH3) from propane

1. Calculate the degree of unsaturation in C4H6 and draw at least 4 isomers with this formula.
2. Explain why dichloroethene has a boiling point of 60 degrees C while trans-dichloroethene has a boiling point of 48 degrees C. Include drawings of the structures with dipoles in your answer.
3. Draw structures for the following compounds: cis-4-phenyl-2-nonene and (Z) 1-bromo-1-chloropropene

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One mole of propane is reacted with one mole bromine or chlorine in carbon tetra chloride in the presence of ultra violet irradiation. This produces 2-bromopropane, which undergoes hydrolysis, with the addition of water to yield propan-2-ol. The reaction of propane with bromine is a stepwise substitution reaction comprising initiation, elongation, and termination steps.

See attachment for the equation of the reaction.

1. To calculate the degree of unsaturation, we need to find out the double bond equivalent. To do this we ...

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A synthesis is designed for propane and three questions are discussed regarding boiling points, degrees of saturation or unsaturation. Included in the solution are drawings of structures for two compounds relevant to the question.