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Calculate the degree of unsaturation in C4H6.

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1. a. Calculate the degree of unsaturation in C4H6.
b. Draw at least 4 iosmers with this formula (C4H6).

2. a. Explain why cis dichloroethene has a boiling point of 60 degrees C while trans - dichloroethen has a boiling point of 48 degrees C.
b. Include drawings of the structures with dipoles in your answer.

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1. The Degree of Unsaturation of a compound tells you how may rings and multiple bonds are present in a compound if you know the molecular formula. The formula for alkane is CnH2n+2. That is n Carbons cannot have more ...

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The solution provides detailed explanations on the concepts of boiling point, isomer and degree of saturation. It also includes the required drawings and illustrations.