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stereoisomers of (S)-adenosylmethionine

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How many stereoisomers of (S)-adenosylmethionine are theoretically possible? Enter your response as the integernumber.

The higher PKa value corresponds to the { STRONGER / weaker } acid.
State which one is right.

Calculate the degree of unsaturation
number of missing H2 units relative to an alkane
for the Compound with the molecular formula
C 16 H13 N2 O CI
Enter your response as an integer number

Give the systematic name for the alkene you should use to prepare 2-bromo-3-methylbutane as the only product upon electrophilic addition of H Br.

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1. The structure of (S)-adenosylmethionine

First, we need to identify the number of chiral carbon (carbon with four different groups attached to it). Here, I highlighted the chiral centers with

There are 7 chiral centers. Therefore, ...

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The amount of stereoisomers of (S)-adenosylmethionine which is theoretically possible is determined. All these however are not physically possible; these results are discussed also.