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    2-methyl 1-pentene

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    Consider the bromination of the compound 2-methyl 1-pentene in the attached file.

    1. write the basic structure of the product of the bromination of 2-methyl 1-pentene, without regard to stereochemistry.

    2. Does the product have any chiral carbons? If so, identify them with an circle.

    3. How many stereoisomers are formed from the bromination of 2-methyl 1-pentene?

    4. Draw Fischer projections of the stereoisomers formed in the bromination of 2-methyl 1-pentene and name each, including an "R" or "S" designation for the configuration of each stereoisomer.

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    Detailed description of finding the isomers of molecules. This entails finding the chiral centers and drawing fischer projections of molecules.