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    Moles; Chemical Formula of Stable Molecule; Valence Electrons; Theoretical Yield etc.

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    Question 1
    OH is a common ingredient in all...
    a) alcohols
    b) benzene rings
    c) amines
    d) organic molecules

    Question 2
    One mol of chromium weighs 24 grams, true or false?

    Question 3
    Cesium and oxygen combine to form a stable molecule. The chemical formula is
    a) CsO
    b) CsO3
    c) Cs2O
    d) Cs3O2

    Question 4
    How many valence electrons does a carbon atom have?
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) 4
    e) 6

    Question 5
    What is the theoretical yield of chromium that can be produced by the reaction of 40.0 g of Cr2O3 with 8.00 g of aluminum according to the following equation?
    2Al + Cr2O3 Al2O3 + 2Cr
    a) 7.7 g
    b) 15.4 g
    c) 27.3 g
    d) 30.8 g
    e) 49.9 g

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    1. b) alcohol
    2. False
    because Cr's molar mass is 52.0 g /mol. So, each mole of Cr weighs 52.0 g
    3. c) Cs2O
    because Cs has a ...

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