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Biological Chemistry

Consuming too many carbohydrates

Consuming too many carbohydrates causes deposition of fats in adipose tissue, how can this happen and why aren't the molecules stored in glycogen instead?

Amino Ccid

Which amino acid side chain is most frequently involved in denaturation by reduction?

Chemistry Problem Set: Molecular Behaviour

Are the following questions true or false? a) A carboxylic acid favours the ion form (R-COO-) and its pH is higher than its pKa. b) In most membranes, the polar heads of the phospholipids align towards the middle of the membrane. c) All proteins contain either an alpha helix or beta sheets.

Understanding molecular behaviour

Are the following statements true or false? If false, explain why. a) In most globular proteins, the nonpolar amino acids tend to be concentrated at the surface of the protein. b) A small organic molecule required by an enzyme in order for the enzyme to be a functional catalyst is known as a vitamin. c) Lipids that are