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Outsourcing the IT department: Defend the position to keep the department

You are a member of the IT department at a company who is really going through some tough financial times. The leadership within that company has decided to pursue the idea of outsourcing the IT department, which would mean that you would lose your job. You know that outsourcing is not the best solution for this company, but you

Business Management Consulting: Communication channels

1. Consider a proposal recommending the implementation of a new system affecting multiple departments, such as a new accounting software system. What might be some of the interests of individual departments such as finance, IT, accounting, and the end-users in the project? What communication channels might you select for these d

Affect of Disaggegation or Reaggregation

Do you think you are more likely to favor restrictions if you or a family member has lost a job because of outsourcing or offshoring? Have disaggegation or reaggregation affected all firms equally?

Engage outsourcing contractors and for contractors themselves

We see a growing share of steps in the product supply chain being outsourced. What might some risks be for firms that engage outsourcing contractors and for the contractors themselves? What similar outsourcing developments have we seen with the financial supply chain? What might the risk issues be here

Offshore outsourcing

1. Is Offshore Outsourcing good for the U.S? 2. What are the positives and negatives that globalization brings to the U.S.A. and to other countries? 3. What impression do you have of multinational firms that have operations in multiple countries? 4. Do you see offshore outsourcing as a threat to the American economy or

Is Offshore Outsourcing good for the U.S?

What are the positives and negatives that globalization brings to the U.S.A. and to other countries? What impression do you have of multinational firms that have operations in multiple countries? Do you see offshore outsourcing as a threat to the American economy or a means to reducing costs as a natural result of our glob

Theoretical and philosophical substantiation of RFP for Benton Harbor, Michigan

The City of Benton Harbor in Michigan floated RFP for outsourcing of its Information Technology, Personal Computers, and Networking Support Services for a population of approximately 100 City employees. The scope also included services such as remote access, web and electronic commerce support. The RFP entailed request for quali

Outsourcing Decision, Relevant Costs Ethics

Weldon Ltd. currently manufactures Widget1 which is used in many of its products. It is currently producing 35,000 units of Widget1. The cost per unit to manufacture is currently as detailed below: Per unit Direct materials $ 6.00 Direct labour 2.00 Variable overhead 1.50 Fixed overhead

Sourcing - Global Procurement

Address the challenges and opportunities for in-sourcing versus outsourcing parts, as well as discuss the advantages and disadvantages of global versus domestic sourcing. Include the following: o Translating corporate objectives into procurement goals o Establishing business unit requirement processes o Conducting supply m

Problems in outsourcing your work to another country

What are the problems in outsourcing your work to another country? How does the political and economical environment of a country effect an international organization and its success in that country? Please give examples for Australia.

Process Strategy and Cost Analysis Toward Sustainability

MGT 301 - Principles of Operations Management 8th edition (chapter 7) Process Strategy and Sustainability 1. Prepare a flowchart for one of the following: a) the registration process at a school b) the process at th

Incremental Analysis of Outsourcing Decision for Oakland College

Incremental Analysis of Outsourcing Decision Oakland College is considering outsourcing grounds maintenance. In this regard, Oakland has received a bid from Highline Grounds Maintenance for $295,000 per year. Highline states that its bid will cover all services and planting materials required to 'keep Oakland's grounds in a c

Importance of Project Management and Outsourcing for Information

The company must assess its quality level with honesty and truth. This is the only way you can truly address the problems and sticking points of your business. Describe your approach to addressing the risk and software problems you may encounter? What systems could you use to monitor your products and services? - Understand t

Difference between strategic, long-term and short-term objective

1. What is the difference between strategic, long-term, and short-term objectives? What is the relationship between objectives and goals? What are some examples of this relationship? Be sure to integrate the key concepts from this week. 2. Identify 3 reasons why companies outsource. Be sure to integrate material from the

Business strategy for Lexus and BMW: Competition, strategies, outsourcing

Unit 6: Business and Multi-Business Strategy - Discussion Topic 1 Visit the websites of two luxury car makers: Lexus and BMW. These two companies compete in the same strategic group. Browse the sites and look for each company's business-level strategy. In what ways are the luxury car companies' strategies similar? I

Ethical issue for Mary Tan at Duck Associates

Mary Tan is the controller for Duck Associates, a property management company in Portland, Oregon. Each year Tan and payroll clerk Toby Stock meet with the external auditors about payroll accounting. This year, the auditors suggest that Tan consider outsourcing Duck Associates' payroll accounting to a company specializing in pay

International trade, outsourcing, and more...

Can you help me get started with this assignment? 1. Gains from trade: a. tend to be greater for large countries than for small ones. b. tend to be smaller for countries producing goods with economies of scale. c. exist only when a country has an absolute advantage in at least one product. d. accrue primarily to trade

Outsourcing: Discuss long term strategic consequences to the US economy

Three major categories of reasons for an ongoing transfer of manufacturing and service operations from Western countries, such as the U.S. and Germany to regions such as Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe are (i) lower labor costs, (ii) lower raw materials and energy costs, and (iii) less strict rules and regulations pertaini

Innovation Article Reviews: Example Problems

Need assistance in writing two article reviews: Article 1: Provide a review on any of the following topics. Please include reference/website to article. 1. Failure, risk and measuring in innovation 2. Company culture & architecture 3. Outsourcing Article 2: Provide a review on any of the following topics. Please incl

IT Outsourcing Bank Operations

If a bank is to outsource some of its operations, what effect will it have on the bank in terms of benefits,risks,locations and operations relevant to the banking industry.

Salvo Corporation Outsourcing Decisions: Relevant Factors

Salvo Corporation produces cast metal parts used in the plumbing industry. The company is organized into two divisions, mining and casting. Managers of the two divisions are evaluated based on divisionsl ROI. The mining division sells ore to the casting division as well as to external customers. Currently, the mining division

Outsourcing versus retaining

Accounting decision The cost of operating our marketing team for the past year was 338,000. Senior researcher $71,000 Staff researcher $50,000 Clerical staff $72,000 VP Marketing (1) $56,000 (1) Represents 20% of cost of the VP, who is estimated to spend 20% of his time on marketing research issues

Torrey Pines outsourcing; Somerset fixed costs; India Corp joint processing costs

1. Torrey Pines is studying whether to outsource its Human Resources (H/R) activities. Salaried professionals who earn $390,000 would be terminated; in contrast, administrative assistants who earn $120,000 would be transferred elsewhere in the organization. Miscellaneous departmental overhead (e.g., supplies, copy charges, lon