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    Business Management Consulting: Communication channels

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    1. Consider a proposal recommending the implementation of a new system affecting multiple departments, such as a new accounting software system. What might be some of the interests of individual departments such as finance, IT, accounting, and the end-users in the project? What communication channels might you select for these different departments when delivering messages about the new accounting software system? Why would those select specific channels be selected?

    2. For Instance a manufacturing company is faced with a financial and human resources dilemma. It is losing market share and can no longer compete by selling its products at the same price points as overseas manufacturers. In viewing the best long-range goals for the organization, company leaders consider lowering employee wages, layoffs and increased automation, or outsourcing all manufacturing operations overseas. Company executives have requested a proposal from you to solve the problem. What factors must be considered? What communication channels and strategies are required?

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    Interests of various departments in relation to the project:
    a) Finance
    This department is involved in two major functions: acquisition and utilization of funds. Hence, the new accounting software should be able to facilitate organization and analysis of data that would help the finance manager in identifying various sources of financing and in deciding on the most feasible one in terms of cost and other financial obligations of the company.
    The new accounting software should also be able to provide data that will be used in deciding on how funds should be allocated among possible sources as well as the financial contribution of the decision.
    The software should allow the computation of various financial ratios such as those related to liquidity, leverage, profitability, and asset utilization.
    b) IT
    The information and technology department would have interests in relation to its functions as follows: (http://www.taskmanagementguide.com/solutions/departments/IT-department/it-department-staff.php)
    1. Performance of routine audits and maintenance of hardware and software.
    System administrators need to perform a number of periodical tasks which are required for stable and effective work of IT systems and for informational security.
    2. Installing and configuring new hardware and software.
    These functions are performed not often, but they are very important. The new hardware and software are the instruments which can gain great competitive advantages for the business, so the IT professionals should approach this activity thoroughly. It is necessary to make a comprehensive technical and financial analysis of the expediency of improvement before buying and installing an IT product. This function requires from IT specialists learning of a big number ...

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