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    Underlying theoretical concepts of diffusion of innovations

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    Can you help me to understand what the underlying theoretical concepts of diffusion of innovations?

    I am trying to adapt my consulting business model to illustrate the firms contribution to sustainable development.

    I'm trying to determine how I would go about analyzing the core philosophy and logic of sustainable development concerning issues of technology and globalization to better understand how I can apply the finding in my consulting business.

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    The concept, theoretically, is based on how quickly and easily a group adapts to use of innovations. Some of the innovations studied previously include health care communications, technological uses, and various social science needs. The understanding the diffusion of innovations across a community is important for a business because it identifies channels of communication and the stages at which those types are accepted or embraced.

    Innovations come in all types. Communications, methods of processes, practices within a community, are all subject to diffusion analysis. Innovations come and go as well. People like some innovations and make them part of their lives and pass along those innovations they like ...

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    The underlying theoretical concepts of diffusion of innovations are examined.