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    Marketing Information Systems

    Software applications and information systems

    Research software applications and information systems available for the various organizational departments within a company, such as accounting, finance, HR, marketing, and management. Please help me so I can complete the following: Choose three of the aforementioned organizational departments and prepare a response that

    Analysis of Lockheed Martin using the Burke-Litwin Causal model

    Burke, W.W. & Litwin, G.H. (1992) A causal model of organizational performance and change. Journal of Management, 18(3), 523-545. Identify key transformation or throughput processes and the relationships between them within Lockheead Martin using the Burke-Litwin Causal Model as a basis for analysis. Limit your analysis t

    Flatland Metals Case Study

    Flatland Metals Co. produces steel products for a variety of customers. One division of the company is Residential Products Division. This division was created in the late 1940s; its principal products since that time have been galvanized steel components used in garage door installations. The division has been continuously prof

    Opt-In vs Opt-Out Memo

    Prepare a 3 page memorandum that examines an opt-in vs opt-out startegy for an online buiness to daopt. 3 external reference must be cited. Memo format Executive summary includeds description of sector the online firm is a part of PHARMACUTICAL Opt-In Police Strategy - Discuss Merits Opt-Out Plicey strategy discus

    Strategic analyis of GOOGLE using 2008 -2009 data

    Business, Management - Other strategic analyis of Google using 2008 & 2009 data I need to do a strategic anaylsis of the Google company in the following format: I Current situation: A. Current Performance B. Strategic Posture 1. Mission 2. Objectives 3. Strategies 4. Polic

    Decision Support System Application: Automotive Manufacturing Industry

    Provide a decision support system (DSS) function which would be applicable to the automotive manufacturing industry. Present a paper demonstrating the application of the chosen DSS to a specific problem or set of problems. The response I am hoping for should include the role of the following components of a DSS as they pertain

    Traditional Marketing MIS

    E-commerce businesses tend to have very sophisticated Marketing Information Systems. In the online environment, it is easier to collect and track information on visitors and purchasers than with brick and mortar enterprises. Keep in mind, nowadays companies give you "membership card" or ask for a phone number to track what you b

    Accounting Information Systems

    1. What type of fraud do you consider to be most damaging to an organization? 2. Of the analysis of control procedures, which do your prefer? Explain. 3. How can mergers and acquisitions impact accounting information systems?

    Who are the different users of accounting information?

    Who are the different users of accounting information? What are the differences between managerial and financial accounting? What are the differences between the CMA and CPA certifications? What is the value of the accounting function in your organization, both internally and externally?

    Forecasting and Power Tools industry

    Now that you have studied economic indicators, it's time to turn your attention to competition and considering the future via forecasting. Prepare a report detailing the following : Review the web sites of the following companies participating in the power tool industry: Black and Decker, Makita, Bosch, Porter Cable. List as m

    Marketing Research

    The information which I was wishing to gather was clarity within the task and assistance for information gathering on research purposes. I am unclear if the task was just asking for general definition of marketing research connected with the scenario organization or if it was asking for detailed data on the data. Please help me

    Line Process vs. Batch Process - Effect on Functions

    Suppose that a firm is considering moving from a batch process to a line process to better meet evolving market needs. What concerns might the following functions have about this proposed change? - Marketing - Finance - Human Resources - Accounting - Information Systems