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Three Case Studies

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I need help with three case study problems. Each case has three questions.
Please answer the questions using the short essay format. (answer no more than ten lines for each question).
See attached files.

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Case 4
1. Companies that are supporting their global marketing and expansion efforts faced challenges like information on the trade shows to attend for exporting specific products. The companies may not know the papers they need to file if a person wants to enter a particular country or the knowledge of local laws that the company should consider if it is attempting to enter a country. . Companies require information about exporting or entering countries which might be available with experts but the company may have no access to these experts. The AskMe system has a network of worldwide experts each having specific pockets of knowledge that can provide specific information about a particular country, the way of doing business, export opportunities, local laws and local contacts. These experts can be contacted by program manager for DOC Insider and missing information can be collected.
2. Within the Department of Commerce a review can be carried out to identify the gaps in business process counseling. There may be groups of DOC experts in one area located in a specific office. If the information available with each of these groups is collated by using the AskMe system it will become very easy to identify the areas of information for which no experts are available. The Department of Commerce can then make effort to recruit or train ...

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