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What is meant by "integrated" information system? What aspects of a project could benefit from such a system and how?

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// Integrated information is very helpful for database management. In this paper, we will explain what an integrated information system means and how is it beneficial to a project. In a paper like this we need to cover each and every important aspect related to the topic for gaining a clear understanding: //

Integrated Information System

Integrated Information System is a design which is helpful in organizing the automated functions in an organization. This system is more advanced than Management Information System. It helps in providing the information crucial for decision-making in an organization and is really important because it involves a lot of technical issues. It follows a particular procedure, including planning, implementation, and feedback and so on. An integrated information system is not new; it has been there from the beginning but was not successful earlier. It is very useful for the integration of crucial information which is further utilized in making important decisions (Understanding ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 650 words with references.