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Median Voter Theorem

Find several articles that assess the validity of the median voter theorem. Critique advantages and disadvantages of the median voter theorem in elections, public goods, and majority rule.

finance perspective and relate this to the stakeholder approach

1. Define the goal of the firm from a finance perspective and relate this to the "stakeholder" approach. 2. Relate the importance of economics and accounting to finance. 3. Define progressive taxes and why it is particularly important to the corporate form of business. 4. Contrast the information provided in the balan


Can you provide examples of significant information that would not necessarily be disclosed in the financial statements?

Cost estimation

Controller completed a cost study of the firms' material handling department in which he used work measurement to quantify departments' activity. Factor unit used in the work measurement study was hundreds of kg of equipment unloaded or loaded at the company's loading dock. Month units of activity material handling dpt cost

Copperline's Risk Pools

Please provide assistance answering the problems in the attached file on Copperline Company with regards to its risk pools. See the attached file.

How long will it take you to pay off the $1,500 ?

You ran a little short on your spring vacation, so you put a $1,500 on your credit card. You can only afford to make the minimum payment of $30 per month. The interest rate on the card is 1.5% per month. How long will it take you to pay off the $1,500 (assume end of the month payments)? How much total interest will you pay?

Managers overemphasis short-term profits

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. If managers focus on the current stock value, might this lead to an overemphasis on short-term profits at the expense of long-term profits?

Excessive, Operating and Financial Leverage

Q1. What does it mean when it is said that a company is excessively leveraged? What could be the effects of excessive leverage? Q 2. Differentiate operating leverage, financial leverage, and the total leverage of the firm. Do these types of leverage complement one another? Why or why not? Q3. (Weighted average cost of cap

Standard Deviation of Stock Returns & Market Return

1. The standard deviation of stock returns for Stock A is 30%. The standard deviation of the market return is 20% and the correlation between Stock A and the market is 0.75. a. Calculate Stock A's beta. b. In a bull market with rapidly increasing stock prices, will Stock A likely outperform or underperform the average stock

Determining Lowest Cost Alternative

A healthcare firm's investment of $1,000 in a piece of equipment will reduce labor costs by $400 per year for the next 5 years. Thirty percent of all patients seen by the firm have a third-party payer arrangement that pays for capital costs on a retrospective basis. Thirty percent of all patients also reimburse for actual operat

Health Care Fraud

Why is health care fraud a concern for medical organizations? What can the managers of such organizations do to avoid or limit this problem?

Security Expected Return and Standard Deviation

You are planning to form a portfolio with two securities, the details of which are as follows: Security Expected Return Standard Deviation 1 12% 4% 2 10% 3% Assume that the returns on these two securities are perfectly negatively correlated

Accounting and Finance Resume How-To

I am seeking employment in accounting and finance with a for profit firm or non profit organization. Can you please advise me on how to tailor my resume for this purpose?

Amortization Schedule: Straight-Line

Spencer company sells 10% bonds having a maturity value of 3,000,000 for 2,783,724. The bonds are dated Jan 1, 2012 and mature Jan 1, 2017. Interest is payable annually on Jan 1. INSTRUCTION Set up a schedule of interest expense and discount amortization under the straight line method.

Basic Concepts in Finance

1. Julio purchased a stock one year ago for $27. The stock is now worth $32, and the total return to Julio for owning the stock was 37 percent. What is the dollar amount of dividends that he received for owning the stock during the year? 2. Babs purchased a piece of real estate last year for $85,000. The real estate is now wo

CVP Charting Calculations

Franscioso Company sells several products. Information of revenue and cost per unit when 11,000 units are sold is as follows: Selling price per unit $28.50 Direct material $5.25 Direct manufacturing labor $1.15 Manufacturing overhead $0.25 Variable selling costs $1.85

Budgetary Variance Model

In the attached paper, the answers are already given. However I am not able to interpret the four pages because I don't have a clue what the answers mean. Can you please help me? Please given me a tutorial with ideas and references that I can look up and read to get more of an understanding of the budgetary variance model, ba

Break even point and variances

Please explain this: Part 1 What is the role provided by a break-even point and how would you calculate this point? What are the limitations of using a break-even point and how would you incorporate this point with management strategic planning? Part 2 What is the difference between favorable and unfavorable variances

Finance Exercises

Q1(Inflation and project cash flows) Carlyle Chemicals is evaluating a new chemical compound used in the manufacturing of a wide range of consumer products. The firm is concerned that inflation in the cost of raw materials will have an adverse effect on the projects cash flows. Specifically, the firm expects the cost per unit

Financial Theory and Market Efficiency

Please help with the given questions: 1. What financial theory do you think affects the global capital market the most and why? 2. What are the implications of major trends of R&D expenditures in the U.S.? 3. What are the theoretical aspects of market efficiency?

Offering Rebates and Wholesale Prices

Please read "The Great Rebate Runaround". Answer the following questions and put them in essay form. 1. This case describes one reason manufacturers might want to offer rebates rather than decrease wholesale price. Explain why this can be viewed as an example of customized pricing. 2. Even if all rebates were redeemed

Business Finance - Total Transaction Costs

Steve Bolten sold his sailboat for $225,000. He paid a sales commission of 10% ($22,500) to the boat brokers, had legal fees of $500, and had additional selling costs of $1,000. What are Steve's total transaction costs? What are his transaction costs as a percentage of the gross selling price?

Calculating Interest Payments on a Bond

On October 31, 2011, Bondable, Inc. issued $20,000 of 10-year, 6% bonds at 100. The bonds pay interest annually on October 31. On its statement of cash flows for the year ended December 31, 2011, Bondable will show Cash paid for interest of ______________.

Cost Allocation Using Direct, Step and Reciprocal Methods.

Problem: Departmental Cost Allocation; Outsourcing Tanner Company produces two products, NetA and NetB) in two separate departments (A and B). These products are highly regarded network tenance programs. NetA is used for small networks and NetB is used for large networks. Williams known for the quality of its products and i

Contribution Margin and Breakeven Analysis

Instructions: - Prepared the Contribution Margin and Breakeven Analysis on a spreadsheet for the below company Case background A relatively new company is struggling to understand its cost structure and the implications for profitability. Its president has hired you to help him figure out when the company's solutions wi

Windsor Memorial Hospital: Zero-Based Budgeting

Read the Report of the Executive Committee, April 2008, for the Windsor Memorial Hospital attached. 1. What is a zero-based budget? 2. When should zero-based budgeting be used? 3. What are the steps to implement zero-based budgets? 4. Are there any benefits to implementing zero-based budgets at Windsor Memorial hospital? If

Economic Order Quantity Calculation

Speedy Manufacturers wishes to determine the economic order quantity (EOQ) for a critical and expensive inventory item that is used in large amounts at a relatively constant rate throughout the year. The firm uses 223 200 units of the item annually. Ith has order cost of R150 per order and its carrying costs associated with