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Components required to start-up a company's loan package

Imagine you are a loan officer presented with a loan package from a start-up company and one from a well-established company. What specific components would you require in the start-up company's loan package to approve the requested loan? How do your lending requirements for the start-up company differ from those for the establi

order point, safety stock

1.For the following scenario, find the order point (R) needed to provide 95% service level: Average daily demand = 29 units. Standard deviation of daily demand = 5.7 units. Lead time = 3 days (constant). Be sure to display any important intermediate calculations necessary to find your answer. 2.How much safety stoc

Treasury bills (induce to buy)

The following pattern for one-year Treasury bills is expected over the next four years: Year1, 3% Year2, 5% Year3, 6% Year4, 7% a. What return would be necessary to induce an investor to buy a two-year security? b. What return would be necessary to induce an investor to buy a three-year security? c. What return would be n

Managerial Finance Questions

Can someone please provide information on the following: (1) how working capital can impact a company's finances (2) what the company can do to handle short-term debt that is coming due (3) explain current ratio, discuss its implications, and describe a good current ratio (4) describe briefly how businesses make cap

Excel: exponential smoothing forecast

** Please refer to the attached file for the following question ** Develop a forecast for years 2 through 12 using exponential smoothing with ? = .4 and a forecast for year 1 of 6. Plot your new forecast on a graph with the actual data and the naive forecast. Based on a visual inspection, which forecast is better? Please ref

Stakeholders as Competitors

It is hard to believe a competitor is a stakeholder. Isn't the goal of competition to win and perhaps even dominate the market? If so, how can a company have an interest in the on going health of their competitors (except to beat them?) How is a competitor a stakeholder?

The Legality of Price Fixing

A farmer has an agreement for a fixed price of a product that is being sold in interstate commerce for a competitive price. Is this legal? Doesn't the trade commerce have regulations against this type of action?

The Impacts of Ford's Bailout Refusal

I am really struggling with this assignment. I need some direction on how to go about this and what I should use. Evaluate how the refusal of the federal government's bailout fund may have impacted Ford's financial performance negatively and positively.

A bank deposit paying simple interest at the rate

1) A bank deposit paying simple interest at the rate of 5%/year grew to a sum of $3100 in 10 months. Find the principal. 2) RETIREMENT FUNDS: Five and a half years ago, Chris invested $10,000 in a retirement fund that grew at the rate of 10.82%/year compounded quarterly. What is his account worth today? 3) SAVINGS ACCOUNTS

Importance of Beta

What is the importance of beta? Would a prudent investor want to invest in a stock with a high beta, low beta or somewhere in between? Why?

Production Costs - Samco Manufacturing

Samco Manufacturing has always purchased a certain component part from a supplier on the East Coast for $50 per part. The supplier is reliable and has maintained the same price structure for years. Recent improvements in operations and reduced product demand have cleared up some capacity in Samco's own plant for producing comp

Problems with Measuring Cost

What types of problems may arise when measuring cost for short-run cost estimation? Why are they considered problems and what are possible resolutions?

What is Driving Oil Prices

Case Readings: Anderson, R and J. Buol (2005). "What is Driving Oil Prices." The Regional Economist. The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Retrieved from: 1. How do changes in supply and demand effect oil prices? 2. Which two countries are the largest c

Corporations, stocks, and dividends

I need assistance in answering these questions: - Why does a company choose to form as a corporation? What are the steps required to become a corporation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the corporate form of doing business? - Why is preferred stock referred to as preferred? What are some of the features added

Determining the Price of Stock

Ziggs Corporation will pay a $3.85 per share dividend next year. The company pledges to increase its dividend by 4.75 percent per year, indefinitely. Considering this, answer the following: If you require a 12 percent return on your investment, how much will you pay for the company's stock today?

Calculating the time period and ROI in the given case

You purchased a $100000 life insurance policy for a single payment of $35000. If you want to earn 9% on invested funds how soon must you die for the policy to have been the superior alternative? If you die within 10 years what is the return on the investment in life insurance?

What financial problems may occur if a company has:

What financial problems may occur if a company has: - a high average collection period - has a history of paying its accounts payable late - a cash-only sales policy and it doesn't offer or accept any credit - a high percentage of bad debts, - reputation for having a substantial backlog of orders - and often takes twic

Constructing an Appropriate Portfolio.

You are the financial adviser to three individuals, a young person with high risk tolerance, a middle-aged person with medium risk tolerance and an old person with low risk tolerance. Here are the current conditions: - Risk free asset earning 12 % per year - Risky asset (or market portfolio) with expected return of 30% per

Risk Management in Emerging Markets

Risk Management in Emerging Markets Emerging markets pose different challenges from operational to financial risks; yet emerging markets often reveal possibilities for diversification and economic growth. How might an organization considering operations in an emerging market alter its risk management framework for that market?

Finance and Probability

A car dealer will sell you a used car for $5,534 with $534 down and payments of $160.56 per month for 36 months. What is the simple interest rate? (Round each answer to the nearest tenth). What is the probability of getting a license plate that has a repeated letter or digit if you live in a state that has two letters followe