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Standard Deviation

I need help with the following: Suppose that the expected return on the market is 12% and the risk free rate is 7%. The standard deviation of the return on the market is 15%. One investor creates a portfolio on the efficient frontier with an expected return of 10% and another creates a portfolio on the efficient frontier with

Financial Analysis

Please give a brief definition and implication of portfolio theory, and then argue both sides of portfolio theory, both limits and benefits. Question: Critically assess the implications of the Portfolio Theory, discuss the benefits and limitations, citing the key scholars in the area.

Taxation of Mutual Fund Transactions

Investor buys 100 shares in a mutual fund on January 1 2009 for $50 each the fund earns dividends $ 2 and $ 3 per share during the 2009 and 2010. These are reinvested in the fund. Its capital gains in 2009 and 2010. These are the reinvested in the fund. Its capital gains in 2009 and 2010 are $5 per share respectively. The invest

Issues Related to Amortization

1) What kind of costs do not qualify for 15-year amortization? 2) How much of start-up cost and organization expense can be deducted in the first year of operation? What is the amortization period for the rest of the costs?

Firms Purchasing other Corporations

Please help answer the following questions. - Why do firms purchase other corporations? - Do firms pay too much for the acquired corporation? - Why do so many acquisitions result in shareholder losses?

Corporate Finance - Junk Bonds

A) Would you still think investing in junk bonds from a new company with a lot of potential is without a doubt a bad idea?. Thoughts? B) There is a reason why these types of bonds exist and there is a reason why people invest in them. However, before jumping in one needs to decide what all of the implications can be, what the

Comprehensive Financial Analysis - Pfizer Inc.

What conclusions would one come to regarding the organization's performance over the last five years in terms of liquidity, activity, leverage, profitability and market value ratios? How does the organization's performance compare with its industry peers for this same time period?

Corperate Finance: Cost of Capital Calculations

I need some help getting started with the following: A) How does the cost of capital calculations impact on investment decisions? B) While most financial professionals are very comfortable with the textbook calculation, there are a few gray areas worthy of note because of their potential impact on capital budgeting decisio

Math of Finance Monthly Payments

You find a small business loan in the amount of 50,000 is the amount you need to purchase the restaurant location. After researching banks to find the best interest rate, you find that the best interest rate of 9% intersest that compounds monthly for seven years. 1. What is the monthly payment for this loan? Show the formula

Corporate Finance to Pay for Taxes

A) How would not having to pay taxes impact our future cash flows? Would the depreciation tax shield offset the actual tax cost? How would this impact a project's Net Profit Value (NPV)? B) In what ways do operating risk and financial risk impact the required return (cost of capital) of a potential project?

Non spontaneous financial requirements

Suppose a firm makes the policy changes listed below. If a change means that external, nonspontaneous financial requirements (AFN) will increase, indicate this by a (+); indicate a decrease by a (?); and indicate no effect or an indeterminate effect by a (0). Think in terms of the immediate, short-run effect on funds requirement

Fraud Risks at Kodak

Analyze the risk of financial fraud at Kodak and how it is most likely to be committed.

Nature's Touch Performance Report

Please find the attached performance report and write a two to three paragraph analyzing the report. Need to explain: Actual vs budget Variable cost Division profit Contribution margin Nature's Touch Performance Report For the Month of July 2012 Half Year Budgeted Half Year Actual Actual vs

Collect data and create a data table.

Your specific assignment for this week is to select a type of quantitative data to collect from your own life. Some examples of data to collect could be: - The number of people you see at your work place each half day. - The number of phone calls you get in each morning and in each afternoon. - Any other numeric type of data

Current Price of Stock

If XYZ Company has a growth rate of 4%, a required rate of return (rs) of 11.5%, a most recent dividend paid of $5.00, a beta of 1.25 and the risk free rate of return is 3%, what is the current price of XYZ stock?

Preferred Stock

I need help with this question: XYZ Corporation issued common stock that had a required rate of return of 12%, the stock's beta is 1.75, the next dividend is expected to be $2.50 and the risk free rate of return is 5%. XYZ Corporation also issued preferred stock that has a stated dividend of 10% of par. Preferred stock of thi

Risk Management Planning

Management must balance performance goals and associated risks. By having a plan, management can be better prepared for dealing with risks when they occur. However, not all strategies may be effective or proceed as planned when dealing with uncertainty. (1) Considering your professional experience or a recent event, can you

Buy/Sell Business Contracts

Suppose you wanted to hedge a $400 million bond portfolio with a duration of 4.3 years using 10- year Treasury note futures with a duration of 6.7 years, a futures price of 102, and 3 months to expiration. The multiplier on Treasury note futures is $100,000. How many contracts do you buy or sell?

Using High-Low Methods to Identify Fixed and Viable Cost

A) Use the high-low method to identify the fixed and viable cost components for both production costs and selling and administrative costs. B) The company estimates that production and sales in 2008 will be 1,500 units. Based on this estimate, forecast income before taxes for 2008.

Corporate Finance and Variability in Short-Term Rates

When we look at the differences as to why short term loan rates may vary, we cannot overlook 'Discount Rate' loans. These loans require the payment of interest in advance. For these types of loans, would the interest rate be higher than if the interest was paid in arrears (at the end of the loan term)? Why?

Accumulated Value Contribution Plan

What is the accumulated value of a $1,000 contribution to a qualified defined contribution plan under each of the circumstances described in the table below? Tax Rate(%) Before-tax rate of return (%) Investment period 10 8 5 years 30

Finance: Universal Life Policy Table

The following table provides information about a universal life policy. Fill in the Table Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Cash value at beginning of year $10,000 Premium payments made at beginning of year 1,000 1,000 1,000 Mortality cos

Financial measures

Name two financial measures used to judge the performance of investment centers that are not used to measure the financial performance of profit centers.

Corporate Finance: Loans, Credit, and Collateral

A) What are some advantages to borrowing short term? B) Is collateral a means for affecting interest rate? C) What are some advantages and disadvantages of having a bad credit vs good credit in terms of getting a loan?

Preferred Stock

Barnes Air Conditioning, Inc., has two classes of preferred stock: floating rate preferred stock and straight (normal) preferred stock. Both issues have a par value of $100. The floating rate preferred stock pays an annual dividend yield of 6 percent, and the straight preferred stock pays 7 percent. Since the issuance of the two

Stock Prices Brief Analysis

On Friday J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. posted a $5.4 billion quarterly profit, down from $5.6 billion in the year-earlier quarter and Wells Fargo & Co. announced that net income rose 13% from a year ago to $4.2 billion. Although earnings at both banks exceeded Wall Street estimates that was largely because both are scaling back the a