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Finance Asset Management

Shanklin Inc. purchases merchandise on terms of 2/15, net 40, and its total gross purchases (i.e., purchases before taking off the discount) are $800,000 per year. What is the maximum amount of costly trade credit Shanklin could get, assuming it abides by the supplie's credit terms? (Assume a 365-day year.) a. $53,699 b. $56,3

Health Care Finances and Processes

Depict every viable department in a hospital and show how this is different between the two hospitals. Show how vertical and horizontal integration is depicted in an organization chart. In this case, how is integration is different with two different health care institutions? 1. Small rural hospital with less than 25 in

assistance programs for the poor

Contrast the varying assistance programs for the poor in the United States, addressing how benefits are allocated, funded, and controlled.

Finance Problems for Nevada Company

Nevada Company provided the following information regarding its only product: skateboards. (No inventories at beginning or end of year) Direct materials used $200,000 Direct labor $80,000 Fixed overhead $180,000 Fixed sel

Ticket-Price Printing and Distributions of Tickets

You have decided to become a rock concert promoter and have made arrangements with Jerry Jones (and Arlington) to rent the new Texas Stadium for one night for a cost of $1,000,000 plus a $7 per ticket "participation" fee. (He keeps parking and concessions, but handles all security, personnel, clean-up, liability etc). The stadiu

Review the requirements of the below Mini-Case

Review the requirements of the below Mini-Case, parts b through j. Then apply those same requirements to do an analysis of Brinker International, which is a real company. Do the analysis on the basis of the figures for the most recent year. For part g, use the 2 most recent years (reports attached below). Download 10K financial

float, collections, financial planning, and investing

1. What is float? What are its four basic components? Which of these components is the same from both a collection and a payment perspective? 2. What is a collection policy? What is the typical sequence of actions taken when by a firm when attempting to collect an overdue account? 3. What is the financial planning process?

Opportunity Cost & Make or Buy Decisions

How does opportunity cost enter into the make or buy decision? What would be an example of a decision that you might make in your personal life that would involve an opportunity cost? What decision would you make and how would you change the opportunity cost if you needed to?

stocks from Hong Kong, India and US

Your provided investment included some stocks from Hong Kong, India and US, but I would like my equity investment to stay in Hong Kong, US and France financial market. Therefore, please provide 3 stocks from each of the three trading market (Hong Kong, US and France). But please give background and fundamentals information of

Project Analysis Based On Risk

Explain the following. A company estimates that an average-risk project has a cost of capital of 8 percent, a below-average risk project has a cost of capital of 6 percent, and an above-average risk project has a cost of capital of 10 percent. Which of the following independent projects should the company accept? Project A has b

Sykes, Inc. is considering two projects

Sykes, Inc., is considering two projects, a plant expansion and a new computer system for the firm's production department. Classify each of these projects as independent, mutually exclusive, or contingent projects and explain your reasoning.

Determining Annual Yield

Please help with the following problem. The treasurer of DeShack Company has approximately $1,000,000 to invest for the next 60 days. She is considering the purchase of a T-bill with the following characteristics: face value of $1,000,000, a remaining maturity of 60 days and a quoted rate of 4.0%. She wants to determine the

interest expense using straight-line amortization

A company issues 20,000,000, 7.8%, 20 year bonds to yield 8% on January 1, 2010. Interest is paid on June 30 and December 31. The proceeds from the bonds are 19,604,145. What is the interest expense using straight-line amortization? a) 1,540, 207 b) 1, 560,000 c) 1, 569, 192 d) 1, 579, 793

Health care finances and process

Identify the three main issues, in your opinion, that are associated with the new health care reform from a health care manager's perspective.

Public Finance and Legislative Procedures

As of 2009, many state governments were experiencing fiscal problems, and tax revenues were falling short of planned expenditures. What factors can influence state revenue collections and expenditures? Why must state governments cut spending or increase taxes when revenues fall short of expenditures? Give examples of the types o

Safety stock reorder point

The daily demand of a product can be specified by a normal distribution the average daily demand is 250 units with a standard deviation of 40" units. The order lead time for this product is also normally distributed with an average of 10 days and a standard deviation of 3 days. What is the safety stock and reorder point for a 95

allocate for depreciation and amortization

Jake Smith opened his Balinese coffee shop business in downtown Boise on January 1st 2010. On December 31st, 2010, he sat down with his accountant to figure out how his business had done in its first year and heaved a sigh of relief when his accountant reported that his EBT came to $20,000. Revenues, at $1,050,000 looked good. H

Calculate the covariance between the returns of Stock A and Stock B

Portfolios with more than one asset: Given the returns and probabilities for the three possible states listed here, calculate the covariance between the returns of Stock A and Stock B. For convenience, assume that the expected returns of Stock A and Stock B are 11.75 percent and 18 percent, respectively. Probabi

Determining Risk, Return and Stock Valuation

Given that you know the risk as well as the expected return for two stocks, discuss what process you might utilize to determine which of the two stocks is a better buy. You may assume that the two stocks will be the only assets held in your portfolio.

Characteristics of an Efficient Portfolio

1.) What are characteristics of an efficient portfolio? How are a portfolio's return and standard deviation determined?  How must assets be evaluated to achieve a minimum variance portfolio? Explain your answer. 2.) What are examples of active and passive portfolio management techniques? Why would a portfolio manager purs

Geometric Average Return

You have the following rates of return for a risky portfolio for several recent years. Assume that the stock pays no dividends. Year Beginning of year price # shares bought or sold 2005 $50.00 100 2006 $55.00

Selecting the better investment option

You are comparing stock A to stock B. Given the following information, which one of these two Stocks should you prefer and why? Rate of Return if State Occurs State of the Economy Probability of State of the Economy Stock A Stock B Bo

Calculating the standard deviation of returns

Aquaman stock has exhibited a standard deviation in returns of 0.7, whereas Green Lantern stock has exhibited a standard deviation of 0.8. The correlation coefficient between the stock returns is 0.1. What is the standard deviation of a portfolio composed of 70% Aquaman and 30% Green Lantern?

How much must be deposited at the end of each month to achieve his goal?

Mr. Moore will be 35 years at the end of the month and he wishes to retire in 25 years. He plans to invest in a mutual fund earning 7.5 percent annual return compounded monthly and have a $1.5 million retirement fund at age 60. How much must be deposited at the end of each month to achieve his goal?

Maximum Additional Short-Term Funding

B.J. Industries has a current ratio of 2.5, with $2.5 million in current assets. Due to sales growth, the company wants to expand accounts receivable and inventories by taking on additional short-term debt. If B.J. Industries wants to maintain a minimum current ratio of 2.0, what is the maximum additional short-term funding it