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Prefer that congress increase or decrease the depreciation?

Montejo Corporation expects sales to be $ 12 million, operating costs other than depreciation are expected to be 75 percent of sales, and depreciation to be $ 1.5 million during the next year. All sales revenues will be collected in cash, and costs other than depreciation must be paid during the year. Montejo's interest expense is expected to be $ 1 million, and it is taxed at a 40 percent rate.
a) Set up an income statement and a cash flow statement for Montejo. What is the expected cash flow from operations?
b) Suppose congress changed the tax laws so that Montejo's depreciation expenses doubled, but no other changes occurred. What would happen to the net income and cash flow from operations expected during the year?
c) Suppose that congress, rather than increasing Montejo's depreciation, reduced it by 50 percent. How would the income and cash flows be affected?
d) If this company belonged to you, would you prefer that congress increase or decrease the depreciation expense allowed your company? Explain why.

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See Excel for better formatting and to see inside cells for computations:

Income Statement:

Sales $12,000,000
Operating costs, except depreciation $9,000,000
Depreciation expense $1,500,000
Operating income $1,500,000
Interest expenses $1,000,000
Income before taxes $500,000
Tax expense $200,000
Net Income $300,000 < -- (a)

Cash flow statement:
Operating flows:
Net Income $300,000
Add: depreciation expense $1,500,000
Operating cash flows $1,800,000 < -- ...

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Your tutorial creates three income statements and three operating cash flow statements and discusses which of the three scenarios I would want and why.