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Types of Corporate Business

I need some assistance defining the pros and cons of general corporations, Subchapter S Corporations, and Liability Corporations. Also, when an entrepreneur starts a new business what choice of business is the best: - Sole proprietary - Partnership - Corporation

Stockpile Resource Planning (SRP) and Oracle

Review and Explain how the Stockpile Resource Planning (SRP) relate to the Oracle Financial modules make recommendations or Summary and give examples. (Gaps/Fit) Measurable Outcome for both. See the attached file.

Profit Exchange Rate

Suppose your company imports computer motherboards from Singapore. The exchange rate is currently 1.5803S$/US$. You have just placed an order for 30,000 motherboards at a cost to you of 170.90 Singapore dollars each. You will pay for the shipment when it arrives in 120 days. You can sell the motherboards for $148 each. What will

Choose the correct option

One year ago, you purchased 400 shares of Analog Devices, Inc. stock for $13.95 a share. You received a total of $120 in dividends and sold the stock for $7,072 today. What is your capital gains yield on this stock? 26.71 percent 26.74 percent 28.85 percent 28.89 percent 31.03 percent The common stock of Baxter

Finance: Price, Salary, Funds, Discounts

1. In 2012, the average vehicle in the US sold for $42,830. In 2002 (10 years earlier) the average selling price was $25,313. What was the annual increase in the selling price over this time period? a) 3.89 percent b) 4.20 percent c) 4.56 percent d) 5.01 percent - not correct answer e) 5.40 percent 2. You have take

Common Stock and Retained Earnings

1. Using the EPSICO, INC Excel Spreadsheet below called " EPSICO, INC BS" Please complete the Balance Sheet for December 31, 2010 Knowing the following: Cash: as of 12/31/10 it increased by $8 Accounts Receivable: Decreased by $10 in July but increased by $16 by the end of the year. Inventory: Due to an error in purchas

Intermediate Finance Questions

1. Why do you think a corporation that is considering investing in a long-term project that will not generate any positive cash flow for several years would fund it by issuing zero-coupon bonds? 2. Which would you expect to have higher interest rates: debentures or mortgage-backed bonds? Please justify your response. 3.

Value Call Option Increased Volatility and Maturity

Can I please get help understanding the difference in the value of a call option with increase in maturity and volatility. See the two questions below The value of a call option increases or decreases with an increase in maturity? The value of a call option increases or decreases with an increase in volatility?

Assessing Financial Decisions

Jim Brock was an accountant with Hubbard Inc., a large corporation with stock that was publicly traded on the NYSE. One of Jim's duties was to manage the corporate reporting department, which was responsible for developing and issuing Hubbard's annual report. At the end of 2012, Hubbard closed its accounting records and initia

Comparable Transaction Analysis for Publicly Traded Target Companies

Company A shares are currently trading at $50 per share. A survey of Wall Street analysts reveals that EPS expectations for Company A for the full year 2003 are $2.50 per share. Company A has 300 million diluted shares outstanding. Company A's major competitors are trading at an average share price / 2003 Expected EPS of 23.0x.

Consolidation and Parent Holds

When is consolidation considered inappropriate even though the parent holds a majority of the voting common shares of another company? How has reliance on legal control as a consolidation criterion led to off-balance sheet financing? Explain.

Bond Funds or Deficiency

(b) Kate Greenway Corporation, having recently issued a $20,113,000, 15-year bond issue, is committed to make annual sinking fund deposits of $610,000. The deposits are made on the last day of each year and yield a return of 10%. Will the fund at the end of 15 years be sufficient to retire the bonds? If not, what will the def

Interest Calculations

Please help with the following problems. Lyle O'Keefe invests $37,400 at 8% annual interest, leaving the money invested without withdrawing any of the interest for 8 years. At the end of the 8 years, Lyle withdrew the accumulated amount of money. (a) Compute the amount Lyle would withdraw assuming the investment earns sim

Three Major Functions of an Organisation

Compare and contrast an organization's three major functions. Analyze the roll of a operations manager. What are the challenges that an om will respond to differently within a industry as opposed to a service industry?

Current USA Financial Standpoint

The events in the financial markets during the past few years have been sweeping and historic, and they have resulted in the biggest federal bailout efforts in history. They have also created gridlock in Washington. What do you think of the government's plans as they stand right now? Are Congress and the President doing the righ

Application or major functional area in the SRP system

Please see the attach document for the project Report. Depending on detail desired, Purchasing: Requisitions; Purchase Orders; Receiving Inventory/WMS: Receive & put-away; miscellaneous transactions; Shelf Life Extension (SLEP); inventory transfers; import 3rd party transactions; physical inventories & cycle counts; 3PL Rec

Required Return Projects

The required return is 15 percent for both projects. Which one of the following statements related to these projects is correct? A Because both the IRR and the PI imply accepting Project B, that project should be accepted. B The profitability rule implies accepting Project A. C The IRR decision rule should be used as the

Stock Priced Correctly

Which one of the following stocks is correctly priced if the risk-free rate of return is 3.2 percent and the market rate of return is 11.76 percent? Stock Beta Expected Return A 0.87 11.03% B 1.09 12.50% C 1.18 13.21% D 1.34 15.02% E 1.62

Influencing Operating and Financial Policies of a Company

How is the ability to significantly influence the operating and financial policies of a company normally demonstrated? When is equity-method reporting considered inappropriate even though sufficient common shares are owned to allow the exercise of significant influence?

Valuation problems financial assets: Apples and Oranges

I have an issue of not always capturing the point being made in particular articles. Can you kindly summarize the main points being made in the article "Apples and oranges" (http://www.economist.com/blogs/schumpeter/2013/03/accounting)?

Finance Related Questions on Bond and Stock Valuation

1) "SRK Airport" authority issued a series of 3.4 percent 30-year bonds in February 2012. Interest rates rose substantially in the following years of the issue and made the price of the bond decline. 13 years later, in February 2025 the price of the bond has dropped from $1000 to $675. Assume that the bond requires annual intere

How to Improve the Success of a Healthcare Organization

I am employed by a healthcare organization that owns and operates nursing homes and assisted living facilities in several states. I need assistance with writing a paper about "how to improve the overall success of the company". It can be any idea of how to improve the overall success of this company.

Payment for Purchase Price of Stock

Yesteryear Productions pays no dividend at the present time. The company plans to start paying an annual dividend in the amount of $0.40 a share for two years commencing four years from today. After that time, the company plans on paying a constant $0.75 a share annual dividend indefinitely. How much are you willing to pay to bu

Financial Analysis for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Refer to the 2002 annual report of the Make-A-Wish Foundation (Wish), in answering the following questions. 1. Did the accounting firm of KPMG audit all of the Make-A-Wish Foundation chapters? How do you know? 2. Would you say that the financial statements are free of error, since they have been audited by a CPA?

Recommendations and Risk Assessments

Please explain each of the following processes. One to two lines on each with a recommendation and risk assessment. Requirements Definitions: Detailed Analysis of the System (Current and Future Process) Interaction and Interviews with business user's review analyze and evaluate existing business processes and transaction li

Why would funding be overlooked?

The Make a Way Foundation has run into a financial crisis. Halfway into their fiscal year, the financier has realized that the company has not put enough money aside to cover all of their costs for the children's summer expense project. For this assignment you should identify possible reasons for the misallocation of fundin