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Financial Lending Assessment

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Some help with:
2.Risks, Commercial and Currency risk.
3.Mitigating Risks.

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The expert discusses commercial and currency risks and risk mitigation.

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South Africa is one of the fastest growing telecom markets and largest in Africa. It provides strong growth opportunities to companies like Telus to capitalize on the growing telecommunication demand in South Africa, especially in the areas of mobile internet and broadband space. Even though the top players have captured bulk of the market share in the country, the company can exploit strong growth opportunities in the mobile and wireless space.


The company faces numerous risks in its expansion into South Africa. First of all, the market is extremely competitive with over 90% market share captured by two players. It is a big challenge for a new entrant in the market such as Telus to capture market share in the midst of such strong competition. The entry of Telus in the market may trigger a price war with the existing players and thus, deplete the margins of new entrants such as Telus. It will be a big challenge for Telus to survive with ...

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