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    Unaligned Company: Ally Financial Questions

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    Find a company whose current direction is NOT aligned with its purpose or use the aforementioned scenario below with resources
    1) Use a Learning Organization approach to explain how the company might successfully combat the loss of market share.
    2) How can its current direction be changed to align with its purpose as a company?
    3) Offer supporting details of companies that have brought their current direction into alignment to meet the desired outcome.

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    The company whose current direction is not aligned with its purpose is Ally Financial Inc. the Company is a bank holding company which has headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The bank has more than 15 million customers worldwide and gives several types of financial services. The most prominent of these is auto financing. The company Ally Financial Inc has issued $2.75 billion in three deals of bonds backed by subprime auto loans. Last year it has issued deals of bonds of $4.06 billion. The SEC ...

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