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    Floaters in Vision

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    Mr. Ally went to the eye doctor and complained about dark areas in his vision he had never noticed it before. There is no pain. What is the diagnosis? Explain the reason behind floaters and dark areas in the visual field.
    How should the doctor treat Mr. Ally?

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    Dark spots in a person's vision are usually found to be dead blood cells that may have banded together and are floating in the Vitreous Humour of the eye. The Vitreous Humour is attached to the retina. The diagnosis could be a few things, but most likely the Mr. Ally is just experiencing the symptoms of getting ...

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    This solution focuses on the problems surrounding the symptoms Mr. Ally is having with his vision. It is a 228 word post that explains what can cause floaters in a person's vision. It also gives indication of what kind of treatment might be appropriate for people who deal with this problem.