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Choose and assess different frameworks for a vision statement

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Find the vision statement of five different companies that you are interested in. You can get these from either annual reports or from online searches.

Choose and paraphrase two different frameworks on the Characteristics of Good Vision

1. Metais (2000:39) It is a dream- it provides emotional involvement. It is excessive and not attainable within current actions or resources. It is deviant and it breaks conventional thinking and frames of reference.

2. Duke CE (2005:33) Has three characteristics - Aspirational- tells what can be, Compelling- is appealing and sways people towards action and Directional- identifies paths and actions.

Assess the vision statements in relation to the two frameworks.

What are your conclusions about each of the visions?

Do they have the 'wow' factor? Why or why not?

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The Vision Statement:

In the process of expanding and becoming a better organization, the vision statement is created to place the wishes that the company wants to attain in the future. The vision statement is used to describe the company's purposes, goals, aspirations and the values that it holds. Aligned with the corporate culture, mission statement and the strategies of the company, the vision statement has to be detailed enough for people to create a mental image of what it is communicating. It is in short a simple statement of the main objectives of the organization (Vision Statement, 2011).

Selected Vision Statements from five different companies:

Kraft Foods- Helping People Around the world Eat and live Better

GM- to be the World's leader in transportation products and related services we will earn our customers' enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork and innovation of GM.

Avon-to be the company that best understands and ...

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The expert chooses and assess different frameworks for a vision statement.

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