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Business Math

Local minimum

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. The profit P(t) for a firm as a function of time (t) is described by the equation P(t) = t ? 3/8 t^2 + 1/24t^3 For 0 < t =< 10 show that there is exactly one local minimum, and find the value of t at which it occurs. Is the profit positive at this local minimum?

Calculate: A Sinking Fund

A Corporation issues 15,000,000 bonds in to be retired in 20 years. How much must be paid into a sinking fund up front at 4% compounded annually to pay off the total amount due?

Accounting: Depreciation

SERV-U Computer Service Company bought a laser printer for $15,000. The machine is expected to operate for 28,000 hours, after which its trade-in value will be $1,000. Find the unit depreciation for the printer. The first year the machine was operated 4,160 hours. Find the depreciation for the year. A new minivan was purch

Total cost of shares

What was the total cost for purchasing Exxon? What was the cost for purchasing 250 shares of IBM? The graphs and information of the company who sales shares are in the attached files.

Mortgage calculations.

House Mortgage Mr. and Ms.Ostedt have just purchased an $80,000 home and made a 25% down payment. The balance can be amortized at 10% for 25 years. (a) What are the monthly payments? (b) How much interest will be paid? (c) What is their equity after 5 years?

Mathematical Models Involving Linear Systems

Loser rental charges $32.00 a day plus 27 cents per mile. lemon leasers $28.00 plus 30 cents per mile. Most renters drive either fewer than 50 mile or more than 200 miles. I have to start a company that has rates that are less expensive than both of the other two car rentals. Rates must not be less expensive than both of the o