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    Accounting help

    I have already done this assignment but want to check what I have with what you get to make sure that I am fully understanding this. Thank you so much for your help!! P3-2A (Which consists of the following) Neosho River Resort, Inc. opened for business on June 1 with eight air-conditioned units. Its trial balance befo

    Price of a bond.

    The Florida Investment Fund buys 90 bonds of the Gator Corporation through a broker. The bonds pay 8 percent annual interest. The yield to maturity (market rate interest) is 10 percent. The bonds a 25-year maturity Using assumption semiannual interest payments: (a) Compute the price of a a bond. (b) Compute the total value of 90

    How math is used in business

    It is clear that mathematical concepts are used in the financial aspect of a business. Consider this and other areas in which math may be used in a business. List a specific example or job which may use mathematical concepts.

    Account Types, Debits and Credits

    Selected transactions for D. Reyes, Inc., an interior decorating firm, in its first month of business, are as follows. Jan. 2 Invested $10,000 cash in the business in exchange for common stock. 3 Purchased used car for $4,000 cash for use in business. 9 Purchased supplies on account for $500. 11 Billed customers $1,800 for

    Balance Sheets for Mendez Company

    Mary Close is the bookkeeper for Mendez Company. Mary has been trying to get the balance sheet of Mendez Company to balance. Below is a balance sheet but it is not correct and needs to be fixed. harmony harris: MENDEZ COMPANY Balance Sheet December 31, 2008 Assets Liabilities Cash $15,000 Accounts payable $20,000 Supplies

    Income Statement and Retained earnings Statement

    The following information relates to Linda Stanley Co. for the year 2008. Retained earnings, January 1, 2008 $ 48,000 Advertising expense $ 1,800 Dividends during 2008 6,000 Rent expense 10,400 Service revenue 62,500 Utilities expense 3,100 Salaries expense 30,000 Instructions After analyzing the data, prepare an income st

    Stock statistics

    There are two stocks, stock A and stock B. The price of stock A today is $70. The price of stock A next year will be $50 if the economy is in recession, $80 if the economy is normal and $95 if the economy is expanding. The attendant probabilities of recession, normal times, and expansion are 0.2, 0.6, 0.2, respectively. Stock A

    Necessary Closing Entries

    Following are selected accounts and their balances for a company after the adjustments as of May 31, the end of its fiscal year. (All accounts have normal balances.) J. Mark, Capital J. Mark, Withdrawals

    Data and number sense

    Exercise Description Solutions or Answer here Find the mean of the following set of numbers. 7, 10, 9, 13, 6 A) 9 B) 10 C) 8 D) 9.2 A) Use the table, showing the yearly food costs of a family, below this table to answer questions 2a and 2b: A) In what year was the cost of food the greatest? B) What

    Solving Rate of Return with Excel

    Here is the info I have for the problem I need to solve: You have two investment opportunities. One will have a 10% rate of return on an investment of $500; the other will have an 11% rate of return on a principal of $700. You would like to take an advantage of the higher yield investment but have only $500 available.

    Flow Diagrams, Bottlenecks and Steady State Conditons

    Rockness Recycling refurbishes rundown business students. The process uses a moving belt, which carries each student through the five-step process in sequence. The steps are as follows: Step Description Time Required per Student 1 Unpack and place on belt 1.0 minutes 2 Remove off bad habits 1.0 minutes 3 Scrub and clean

    Computing Probabilities With Probability Theory

    Please provide input / answers to the question below. 1. Suppose you have 2 nickels, 3 dimes, and 8 quarters in your pocket. If you draw a coin randomly from your pocket, what is the probability that a. You will draw a dime? b. You will draw a nickel? c. You will draw a quarter? 2. You are rolling a pair of

    Hoding period return

    The return an investor earns on a bond over a period of time is known as the holding period return, defined as interest income plus or minus the change in the bond's price, all , all divided by the beginning bond price. A. What is the holding period return on a bond with a par value of $1,000 and a coupon rate of 6 percent o

    INVESTMENTS How do I operate this correctly

    II. You are working for an investment firm and have been asked to analyze and explain investments to your boss and clients who do not understand the various aspects of your job. You are working with the analysis of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The following questions are examples of some of the analysis type problems that you

    Project Management, Decision Points and Work in Process

    The company will provide fresh cookies to starving students late at night. You need to evaluate the preliminary design for the company's production process. Business Concept Your idea is to bake fresh cookies to order, using any combination of ingredients that the buyer wants. The cookies will be ready for pick-up at you

    Distributions to Stockholders

    1. If I bought 400 shares of AllTell stock for $15 per share and one year later, sold the stock for $21 per share, and receive a $0.90 cash dividend: a.What is the total dollar return earned for the year? b.What is the rate of return (percentage) earned? 2. If Michelle purchased 100 shares of Home Depot common stock at

    Quantitative Methods: The Effect of Allergy Relief Medicine

    Please apply quantitative methods for the following case. A pharmaceutical company conducted a study to evaluate the effect of an allergy relief medicine. 250 patients with symptoms that included itchy eyes and a skin rash received the new drug. The results of the study are as follows: 80 of the patients treated experien

    Business ratios

    APPENDIX... Use to calculate ratios Income Statement 2007 Sales 3,000 Cost of Goods (1,350) Sell,Admin,Gen'l Expenses (1,050) Interest Expense (150) Profit Before Tax 450 Tax (180) Profit after Tax 270 Bal

    IRA math problem

    If a 22 year (Sam) invested $4,000/year into a Roth IRA until his 30th year, what will the value of that IRA be in the 65th year, assuming 8% per year? If his brother (Winston) waited until his 31 year to start investing $4,000 into his Roth IRA and continued making this $4,000 annual investment until he was 65 - who would have

    Estimating Sales and Profit After Tax

    The company is "Ties for U" and my boss wants to estimate profits for next year(2008) and then determine the percentage growth from 2007 to 2008. Some assumptions: - The marketing folk expect the total market for ties in 2008 to be 10 million ties. - The expect "Ties for U" to capture 20% of the market next year.(how many t

    Retained Earnings Breakpoint

    Given the following information, [TABLE] Calculate: A. Retained Earnings Breakpoint: ________________________ B. Assume the firm goes to raise $250 Mil, what is the weighted average cost of capital: _____________________ C. Assume the firm goes to raise $500 Mil, what is the weighted average cost of capital:

    Determining What is the Return on the Investment

    1 year ago I purchased 150 shares of common stock for $30 per share. During the year I noticed that the value of the stock decreased to $22.50 per share. If the stock paid a dividend of $0.80 during the year, what is the return on the investment? Please provide me step by step instructions on how to solve this problem.

    Bankruptcy and Financial Distress

    Here are the problems Which of the following is not an indirect cost of bankruptcy? Legal Fees Delayed Liquidation Costs to Creditors Loss of Customers Which of the following is not an indirect cost of bankruptcy? Loss of Suppliers Fire Sales of Assets Costs of Appraisers Loss of Emplo

    Network Flow Models and Supply and Demand Nodes

    Acme Manufacturing makes a variety of household appliances at a single manufacturing facility. The expected demand for one of these appliances during the next four months is shown in the following table along with the expected production costs and the expected capacity for producing these items. Month 1 2 3 4 Demand 420 580 3

    Interest; Time Value of Money; Present and Future Values

    You just turned 25. you plan on saving a equal amount in your 401K at the of each year for 40 years (your 65th birthday). You expect to earn 9% pa during this time frame. at 65 you will begin drawing down on this account $75,000 annually. You expect to live to be 90 years old (25 years). You earn 5% on the account during your re