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Business Math

Probability Distribution - GMAT

Help with this problem please: Jane is told that her GMAT score is in the top 2% in her region at 28. The average score was 18. Tom scores 25 and Sandra scores 17. What are Jane, Tom, and Sandra's percentile scores?

Probability Distribution of Normal Distribution

Jon Molnar will graduate from Carolina Forest High School this year. He took the American College Test (ACT) for college admission and received a score of 30. The high school principal informed him that only 2 percent of the students taking the exam received a high score. The mean score for all students taking the exam is 18.

Probability Distribution and Computing Z Values

I'm not sure how to resolve this: A recent article in the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the mean labor cost to repair a heat pump is $90 with a standard deviation of $22. Monte's Plumbing and Heating Service completed repairs on two heat pumps this morning. The labor cost for the first is $75 and it was $100 for the sec

Financial Management for Managers

1) Problem Number One concerns The Norman Automatic Mailer Machine Company do all parts a through d. Problem 1. The Norman Automatic Mailer Machine Company is planning to expand production because of the increased volume of mailouts. The increased mailout capacity will cost $2,000,000. The expansion can be financed eithe

Owens Orchards

57. The IRS was interested in the number of individual tax forms prepared by small accounting firms. The IRS randomly sampled 50 public accounting firms with 10 or fewer employees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The following frequency table reports the results of the study. Estimate the mean and the standard deviation.


2. What is the level of measurement for these items related to the newspaper business? a. the number of papers sold each Sunday in 2004. b. The department, such as editorial, advertising, sports, etc. c. A summary of the number of papers sold by county. d. The number of years with the paper for each employee.

For your convenince, I have attached an MS Word file containing examples of statistical analysis tests. I have also added additional material regarding the statistical sampling process which should be useful in gaining a better understanding of the subject matter. For example, how population and sample definition fit into theoverall auditing process.

For your convenince, I have attached an MS Word file containing examples of statistical analysis tests, including the steps in the statistical sampling application. I have also added additional material regarding the statistical sampling process which should be useful in gaining a better understanding of the subject matter. Fo

Data Analysis and Trends

This is the data table about my city that I live in 1990 and 2000 and difference 1990 2000 Difference Total Population 38,372 40,072 1,700 Males 18,277

Math Problems

In Tian's monthly budget, she set aside $685 for housing and $265 less than that for food. How much did she budget for food? The interest rate on an equity line of credit was 7 5/8% last month. This month the interest rate is 9 3/8%. How many percentage points has the interest rate increased? Write a proportion that is

Probability Distribution in Research/Main

A machine is set to fill a bottle with 8 grams of medicine. A sample of 8 recently filled bottles revealed the following grams of medicine: 9.2, 8.7, 8.9, 8.4, 8.3, 8.5, 8.1, 8. Using a One Sample t Test, answer the following questions 4-9.

Profit Model

A large sporting goods store is placing an order for bicycles with its supplier. Four models can be ordered: the adult Open Trail, the adult Cityscape, the girl's Sea Sprite, and the boy's Trail Blazer. It is assumed that every bike ordered will be sold, and their profits, respectively, are 30, 25, 22, and 20. The LP model s

Linear and Nonlinear Models

A toy company has been marketing souvenir toys in conjunction with various professional sports teams in a number of cities. Over the past few years, this experience has provided some data on the effect of advertising on sales revenues because the advertising expenditures have tended to be different in each case. Although the l

Data research, tasks and subtasks.

Using the outcomes from the attached essay and powerpoint, make recommendations regarding this business research issue or opportunity based on your findings. I'm only using this as an example because in Sept. I'll need to know how to make one of these on a subject chosen by my teacher! Then, develop an action plan based on yo

Business Mathematics

1) A real estate agent earns a 1.75% commission on the selling prices of a house. If the salesman earned $35,000 last year, what were his total sales for the year? 2) A real estate agent is paid a commission of one and three-quarter percent of the total value of the house which she sells each month. How much does she earn in

Marginal Tax Rate

Market Value of a condominium 5% Municipal bonds expected annual yield 5% High-yield corporate stocks 8% Savings Account 3% annual yield High growth common stocks 10% annual yield How do I calculate a 28% marginal tax rate on all investments?

Cost Accounting Multiple Choice

1) The basic types of cost accounting system are: A)Job order cost systems, activity based cost systems and process cost systems. (B) Direct cost system and indirect cost systems (C) Complete job cost systems and work in process cost system. (D) Fixed cost systems and variable cost systems 2) In ABC, only one cost driver sh

Managerial Accounting : Currency Conversion, Overheads, Inventory (17 Problems)

1) Quintal imports a desk from a French manufacturer for sale in its chain of U.S stores. The cost of a desk to Quintal is 2,000 Euros. What is the dollar cost of one of these desks if the exchange rate is currently 1.117 Euros per U.S dollar? (round to the nearest cent) A) $1,117.00 (B) $1,254.46 (C) 1790.51 (D) some other am

Budgeting and Comparison Shopping

You are looking into purchasing computer equipment for your at-home business, personal recruiting. Since you are just starting out, you have set an initial budget of 1500.00, but would like to save as much as you can. Use the comparative shopping web search engines in the library to conduct the following research. You may al

Logistics and Project Management

Betty Products Inc. manufactures three products on two machines. In a typical week 40 hours are available on each machine. The profit contribution and production time in hours per unit follows: Category Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Profit/unit $30 $50 $20 Machine 1 time/unit

Capital Structure: Repurchase of stock

The Tivoli Company has no debt outstanding, and its financial position is given by the following data: Assets (book = market) $5,000,000 EBIT $750,000 Cost of equity, rs 10% Stock price, P0 $10 Shares outstanding, n0 500,000 Tax rate, T (federal-plus-state) 40% The firm is considering selling bonds and simultaneousl

Use cost-benefit analysis to determine appropriate measures of quality.

Given: Your company produces and sells widgets with annual sales of $100 million. A recent quality audit revealed that 15% of the widgets manufactured were defective. The following are estimates of the costs associated with passing defective widgets: Replacements $1,500,000 Lost Business 2,000,000 Productivity 500,00

Which of the following lists correctly ranks investments from highest to lowest returns and risk (thus, the highest risk security should be shown first, the lowest risk securities shown last)?

Over the past 75 years, we have observed that investments with the highest average annual returns also tend to have the highest standard deviations of their annual returns. This observation supports the notion that there is a positive correlation between risk and return. Which of the following lists correctly ranks investments

Productivity (Labor, Total) Calculations

1. A company that makes shopping carts for supermarkets and other stores recently purchased some new equipment that reduces the labor content of the jobs needed to produce the shopping carts. Prior to buying the new equipment, the company used five workers, who produced an average of 80 carts per hour. Labor cost was $10/hour

Project Scheduling and PERT/CPM

Hannaford (A solution can be generated by using PERT/CPM) Hannaford distributes a variety of food products that are sold through grocery store and supermarket outlets. The company receives orders directly from the individual outlets, with a typical order requesting the delivery of several cases of anywhere from 20 to 50 diff

Testable Hypothesis

If a researcher was working for homeland security in the name one specific problem that they might have to research today. what would be a research question that would be needed to solve this particular problem. Based on your intuition, or what you have read about this problem, state a testable hypothesis that might help solve t

simulate the next six orders

A small supplier receives orders from three different companies for a certain price of electrical equipment. Forty-five percent of the orders come from Firm A, 35 percent from Firm B and the remainder from Firm C. Order sizes vary, depending on the firm involved. In the past orders were as follows: REL FREQ Order Size A B

Difference between Cost of Capital and WACC

Part A: What is the difference between "Cost of Capital" and "Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)"? Why is this difference important? Why do firms calculate WACC? Why is this number important? Part B: Describe the following terms and their relative importance to stock issues: IPO, underwriter, spread, prospectus, un