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Business Math

Converting cash to accrual basis accounting

Cash to Accrual Accounting I need help getting started with this problem! Mr. Pitt has relented and agrees to provide you with the information necessary to convert his cash basis financial statements to accrual basis statement. He provides you with the following transaction info for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2

Westcost Air Co. leases a single jet aircraft and operates between San Francisco and the Fiji. Flights leave San Francisco on Mondays and Thursdays and depart from Fiji on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Westcost Air Co. cannot offer any more flights between San Francisco and Fiji. Only tourist-class seats are available on its planes. An analyst has collected the following information:

Westcost Air Co. leases a single jet aircraft and operates between San Francisco and the Fiji. Flights leave San Francisco on Mondays and Thursdays and depart from Fiji on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Westcost Air Co. cannot offer any more flights between San Francisco and Fiji. Only tourist-class seats are available on its plan

Risk probability and impact matrix: Department of Defense R.F.P

Scenario: Your company, a major defense contractor, recently submitted a bid for a Department of Defense (DoD) RFP entitled Automated Mobile Defense System (AMDS). The executive team at your company has decided to promote you as the new project manager to lead Project X. As the new project manager, you will be responsible for


If I have this expenses: telephone $50 fixed utilities $260 fixed (25% for the garage and 75% for the house advertising $75 fixed insurance $80 fixed materials $7,500 variable (for 5 computers) labor $1,800: ($1,300 fixed plus $500 for hours assembling computers) How a can compute the TOTAL COST FUNCTION

Algebra to show Depreciation of Corporate Airplane

1) The following graph shows the depreciation for the corporate airplane from 2006 to 2009. The plane was purchased new in 2006; therefore, x = 0 represents the year 2006. X - axis (horizontal) = years starting from 0 = 2006 and increasing by 0.5 years Y - axis (vertical) = price in $ amounts a) List the coordinates o

Budget Plan

Donna and Sherman Terrel are preparing a budget for 2010. Donna is a systems analyst with an airplane manufacturer, and Sherman is working on a master's degree in educational psychology. The Terrels do not have any children or other dependents. Donna estimates her salary will be about $45,600 in 2010; Sherman expects to work onl

after tax return on the best investment alternative

Abc corporation has $50,000 which it plans to invest in marketable securities. The corporation is choosing between the following 3 equally risky securities. Spartan county tax free municipal bonds yielding 8% ford bonds yielding 11.5% GE preferred stock with a dividend yield of 12% ABC's corporate tax rate is 35%. what is

Joint Processing and Split Off Points

Problem is below. I've come to a conclusion that product J would bring in sales of $636,000 and product K would bring in sales of $1,350,000 which would make me think to sell J at split and continue to process K. What is correct answer? 28. India Corporation has $200,000 of joint processing costs and is studying whether to pr

Value of a Bond

All of the following affect the value of a bond EXCEPT: a. investors required rate of return b. the recorded value of the firms assets c. the coupon rate of interest d. the maturity date of the bond

Should the Securities and Exchange Commission do anything? Why?

Many high-technology companies, like Nortel Networks, Micron Technology and JDS Uniphase, have written down massive amounts of their inventory. For example, Nortel Networks revalued some of its inventory parts at $0, though the inventory initially cost Nortel $650 million. Companies are required to report whether they write

Direct Method of Aligning the Interests

Which of the following is the most direct method of aligning the interests of the firm's employees with those of shareholders? a. bonus payments b. base apy c. performance based salary d. stock options.

Growth Rate of Butler's Inc.

Butler's Inc's return on equity is 17% and management retains 75% of earnings for investment purposes. Based on thsi information, wht is the firm's growth rate? a. 4.25% b. 22.67% C. 44.12% d. 12.75%.

Accounting Problems

Please help with the following problems. 1. Communication of economic events is the part of the accounting process that involves a. identifying economic events. b. quantifying transactions into dollars and cents. c. preparing accounting reports. d. recording and classifying information. 2. Which of the followi

Accounting Problems

Need help with the following problems. 15. The income statement and balance sheet columns of Pine Company's worksheet reflects the following totals: Income Statement Balance Sheet Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Totals $58,000 $48,000 $34,000 $44,000 The net income (or loss) for the pe

Annual Interest in a Bank Account

You deposit $700 in an account that pays 2.75% annual interest. How long does it take the balance to reach $1,500 when the interest is compounded yearly? Show your work. [Hint: use A = Pe-rt and solve for ¿t¿].

Present Value Process Analysis

I am asking for help with understanding the processes to analyze a present value question, for example below. Any assistance is appreciated. I just inherited profits. The profit is believed to have 3yrs worth of profit deposit. Here is how much income this profits is projected to bring each year for the next 3yrs:

Three Sequences to Minimize Costs

7. Western Airlines needs to assign its crews to cover the 11 flights shown in the table below. They have developed 12 feasible sequences of flights for the crews (The numbers in the columns represent the order of the flights or legs of each sequence. Some sequences consist of only two flights, while other sequences involve as

Cost Ratio (Retail Method)

Determine the cost ratio (retail method) for T games and comics store if the cost of goods available for sale is $36,000 and the retail value of goods available for sale is $90,000 (round to the nearest one-thousandth)

Business math (beginning and ending inventory)

A firm has a beginning inventory of $50,000 and purchases of $290,000 for an accounting period. Sales totaled $400,000, and typical gross margin as a percentage of sales has been 30% using the gross margin method, what is the estimated ending inventory?

Business math (B Company and their new delivery truck)

B Company purchases a new delivery truck for $20,000. the truck is expected to have a useful life of 90,000 miles before replacement, and a salvage value of $2,000. In its first year the truck was driven 22,000 miles, and a further 19,000 miles in year two. What is the depreciation expense and book value at the end of year two?

Business Asset Depreciation

P Inc.purchased a $30,000 asset with a salvage value of $1,200 and an estimated useful life of three years. What is the book value at the end of years one and two using the 150%declining balance method?

Accumulated straight-line depreciation and book value

An asset purchased by A Corporation for $15,000 ON 01/01/1997 also incurred freight charges of $200 and installation cost of $1,000.The asset had a life expectancy of eight years and a salvage value of $2,800.What are the accumulated straight-line depreciation and book value on 01/01/2000?


The Tims Corporation expects earnings of $8,000,000 in the current year on 6,000,000 shares of common stock. The company is considering the effects on expected earnings of issuing an additional 2,000,000 shares of common stock. (a) What will be the initial dilution in earnings per share if the new stock is issued? (b) If

Managerial Accounting related to ABC

Scott, Inc., manufactures two products, Regular and Deluxe, and applies overhead on the basis of direct labor hours. Anticipated overhead and direct labor time for the upcoming accounting period are $1,600,000 and 25,000 hours, respectively. Information about the company's products follows. Regular-- Estimated production

Determining Reconciled Balance: Trader's Bank Example

William received his bank statement from Trader's Bank indicating an ending balance of $6,206.55. William's checkbook showed a balance of $5,549.30. William noticed that $759.00 in checks were outstanding. The bank statement reflected an NSF charge in the amount of $86.75 and a monthly service charge of $15.00. The reconcile

Explanation of Bank Reconciliation Between Balance and Accounts

Charles checking account register showed a balance of $2,416.78 on August 1. After reviewing his bank statement he noticed an NSF charge in the amount of $70.25, a service charge of $19.00, and a not collected for $456.00. There was one deposit not yet credited for $155.00 and no checks outstanding. What was his reconciled bala

Frequency of applications received per day.

Banner Mattress and Furniture Company The Banner Mattress and Furniture Company wishes to study the number of credit applications received per day for the last 300 days. The information is reported below: Number of Credit Frequency Applications (Number of Days) 0 50 1 77 2 81 3 48 4 31 5 or mor