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Breakeven Analysis: Aviation Maintenance Company

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By this time, you should have an organization selected and approved for your project.
In this module, we are going to have our first application to that project. Identify any activity in your organization where you can apply breakeven analysis. You must be able to define:
? A unit of measurement for the activity
? Revenue per unit for the activity
? Variable costs for the activity
? Fixed costs for the period in the activity
If you cannot identify specific actual amounts, make a reasonable estimate (and indicate the method or source of information for that estimate) and apply the tool as if the data were factual.
Your report should include
? The name and nature of the organization
? The activity and time period you used
? The inputs you used and the source for those inputs
? Your results
? Any implications from your results
In other words, you must do a break-even analysis using the numerical calculations.
This should be a one to two page report

*******Please make something up that would support an Aviation Maintenance company of 6000 employees, in other words, the numbers need to be big.*********

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