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Business Math

Calculate: A Sinking Fund

A Corporation issues 15,000,000 bonds in to be retired in 20 years. How much must be paid into a sinking fund up front at 4% compounded annually to pay off the total amount due?

Accounting: Depreciation

SERV-U Computer Service Company bought a laser printer for $15,000. The machine is expected to operate for 28,000 hours, after which its trade-in value will be $1,000. Find the unit depreciation for the printer. The first year the machine was operated 4,160 hours. Find the depreciation for the year. A new minivan was purch

Mortgage calculations.

House Mortgage Mr. and Ms.Ostedt have just purchased an $80,000 home and made a 25% down payment. The balance can be amortized at 10% for 25 years. (a) What are the monthly payments? (b) How much interest will be paid? (c) What is their equity after 5 years?

Mathematical Models Involving Linear Systems

Loser rental charges $32.00 a day plus 27 cents per mile. lemon leasers $28.00 plus 30 cents per mile. Most renters drive either fewer than 50 mile or more than 200 miles. I have to start a company that has rates that are less expensive than both of the other two car rentals. Rates must not be less expensive than both of the o