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    Characteristics of a Bell Curve; probability calculations, sample confidence

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    1. Give at least 5 characteristics of the Bell Curve

    2. For a normally distributed population, mean of 6.5 and standard
    deviation of 4, compute:
    a. The probability of picking one item from the population and having it fall between 6.5 and 14.5
    b. The probability of picking one item and having it fall above 14.34
    c. The point, if the probability of picking an item from the population and having it fall above the point is 2.5%
    d. Two points, equidistant from the mean, one to the left of the mean and one to the right that will include 98.98% of the population

    3. A sample of 300 is taken and the sample mean is computed to be 7.65 and the sample standard deviation is 5. Assume the data is ratio level.
    Compute the 95% confidence interval on the mean.
    Compute the 3.9% confidence interval on the mean

    Which confidence interval is more practical and useful in a business situation? Why?

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    Characteristics of a bell curve are examined. The solution computes the standard deviation of 4 data points with a mean of 6.5.