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    Normal Distribution of mean height of males: probability

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    Write a paragraph about the normal distribution. In the paragraph give an example of a distribution that you would judge to be nearly normal and explain why you have made that conclusion. Estimate the mean of this distribution and the standard deviation. Then estimate a probability based upon those values: (E.g., average height of males is 71" with a st dev of 6". Using these, the probability that a male is more than 84" is (z = 2.17) is .015)

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    Let us look at the normal distribution. Firstly, the normal distribution is based on a large population of people. Imagine we are looking at a specific characteristic. What we would do is plot that characteristic for every single person in the population on a graph.

    Some people will score highly on this characteristic. Some people will score low. However, the majority will score around the same.

    When you plot each of the points, you get a shape that looks like a bell - which is called the bell curve. The middle of the bell curve is where the most of the people will fall. The highest point of the bell curve can be looked at as the MEAN of the population. However, there are some people who fall outside the mean, and this accounts for the variability in your population. In a true normal distribution, the curve is symmetrical, with the left and the right looking the exact same. This is due to individual difference in ...

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    The normal distribution of mean height of males are examined. The expert estimates a probability based upon the values are determined.