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    Statistics and research: How we use them

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    Please reflect on how research and statistics is a integral part of our lives and how important with all the greater awareness and skills.

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    I am going to give you some ideas about how research and statistics affects our lives and not just the medical or environmental issues we may think of first. From this, you should be able to fashion the type of response you need and it should expand your understanding of the use of both research and statistics and how it is used, even by someone who doesn't realize they are using them.

    For most things we know, have, or do, there has been research done to create or evaluate it. Research is the catalyst for medical, space and science, historical, and social science theories and solutions. But the affect on our everyday lives is more significant than those medical breakthroughs, scientific and historical findings, or even how we treat others in our culture.

    Research is done before stores stock the goods we find there. Many times we find our favorite candy, cereal, or nail and lip colors are gone. Research and statistical analysis has been done and our favorites are usually found wanting in terms of popular appeal or pricing. Sometimes the statistics show that the product sells well with one group and not with another, or in one ...

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    A discussion on the importance of both research and statistics in our lives. Discussion includes how we use them even we are not aware of their use.