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The Application of Research in the Social Sciences

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I need information for a "Reflection" paper on the Application of Research in the Social Sciences (Reflection is a personal response demonstrating the understanding of the issue at hand and connecting it to personal observation, previous experience, or recent learning).

-Include a critical evaluation of how research is applied in the social sciences.
-Describe the scientific method and how it relates to human services research.

Please include at least three references

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Social sciences involve the exploration and study of social groups specifically, the human society. It is very important to conduct research in social sciences so that we can better understand the way people deal with the daily events and various circumstances in life, how these things have affected them, and how they can improve the way they respond to life's issues. Researchers applying the scientific method to social sciences find themselves more knowledgeable as they apply the steps to be able to answer and understand more questions so that they can help more people. They need to apply the correct methods and techniques to test and check their questions so that they can find reliable answers to the many unanswered questions of the social sciences. Researchers use the following steps in the scientific method and information that guide them in applying research in the social sciences:

? Create a hypothesis: The first step in questioning something that has not been known yet and to seek its answer is to create the correct hypothesis. The social scientist creates a provisional statement that can explain a possible and predetermined outcome. Research should be able to test the hypothesis and testing methods can be applied to prove or disprove the statement. Among the topics that interest social scientists are reasons for specific behaviors, past events, trends and patterns of behavior, techniques in changing negative behavior, and other topics that relate to study of behavior. These social scientists can use any of these topics and together with variables and possible outcomes, they conduct the research for the purpose of helping people achieve better decisions to be able to manage their activities more efficiently.

? Research tools: Social ...

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The solution describes the steps in the scientific method and how it can be applied in the social sciences. References are included.

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Some Resources you can use is the Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods ONLINE and The SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods and The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods:

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