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Diversity within Psychology

How is psychology similar to other sciences? How is it different? Should diversity within psychology be considered a strength or a challenge of the discipline? Explain.

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Psychology is similar to the other sciences in the sense that its study is as vigorous in employing the scientific method based on empirical evidence (where feasible) as all the other sciences. All areas of psychology research and applications are based off of evidence-based findings, observations and experimentation. The same amount of vigorous critical thinking, planning, hypothesis testing and peer-review applies to all aspects of psychology research and, by extension, application. Keep in mind that many aspects of psychology overlap with the other sciences. For example, much of physiology and psychology overlap when studies are done at the molecular level.

It is different in the sense that certain aspects in psychology may not have the means to be measured and studied as objectively as the other sciences. Whereas, for ...

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Diversity within psychology is examined.