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    Determining level of production of Shocker Company

    Shocker Company's sales budget shows quarterly sales for the next year as: Unit sales Quarter 1..... 10,000 units Quarter 2..... 8,000 units Quarter 3..... 12,000 units Quarter 4..... 14,000 units Company policy is to have a finished goods inventory at the end of each quarter equal to 20% o

    Time-phased budget

    (1) Example of a time phased budget & how do you figure the time with the cost. (2) You are given the total budget (3) You are given the prices of equipment and $ per hour of workers

    Explanation to "Flexible Budget" question

    Use any numbers A furniture manufacturer has a standard costing system based on direct labor-hours (DLHs) as the measure of activity. Data from the company's flexible budget for manufacturing overhead are given below: Denominator level of activity DLHs Overhead costs at the denominator activity level: Variable overhea

    Comprehensive Budgeting for a University

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- Suppose you are the controller of Western Idaho State University. The university president, Willa Redcloud, is preparing for her annual fund-raising campaign for 2001-2002. To set an appropriate target, she has asked you to prepare a budget for the academic year. You hav

    How To Prepare a Master Budget for Victoria Kite

    Victoria Kite Company sells kits on the web wants a master budget for the next three months beginning January 1, 2005. 1) It desires an ending minimum cash balance of $5,000 each month. 2) Sales forecasted at an average wholesale selling price of $8 per kite. In January, Victoria Kite is beginning just-in-time

    Prepare a master budget

    Please provied a master budget and identify the following information in clear and Understandable terms so I can differentiate between each piece of the budget and they are 1. Budgeted income statement for the months January through March 2005 2. Budgeted balance sheet for the months January through March 2005 3. Budgeted

    Trial budget sheet how to set it up properly

    If you start a business with $2,000 in the name of a proprierityship, the $2,000 is a loan of $1,200 and the rest is his money $800. he rented equipment bought supplies and hired people to help. at the end of the month he mailed out bills after 4 months he had to get rid of the business because of illness and he was to busy to k

    Prepare a Budget for a General Medical/Surgical Unit

    You are the nursing supervisor responsible for general medical/surgical units consisting of 50 beds. For the first time the chief financial officer has asked you to prepare a budget for your area of responsibility. Describe the process you will use to accomplish this task, including the information you will need, and the importa

    Budgeted statement for University

    Undergraduate Division Graduate Division Average salary of Faculty 46000 46000 Average faculty teaching load 24 18 Average no. of students per class 30 20 Total enrollment 3600 1800 Average no. of semester cr. Hrs 25 20 Full time load 30 24 Full time equivalent student 3000 1500 (See

    Purchase Schedule and Budget

    Quantrill furniture Mart plans inventory levels at cost at the end of each month as follows: May $250,000; June, $220,000; July $270,000; August $240,000 Sales are expected to be june, 440,000; July,$350,000, August, $400,000. Cost of goods sold is 60% of sales Purchases in April were $250,000; in May, $180,000. A given mo


    1) What information do you need to create a budget? What sources would you consult to acquire this information? 2) Why is it important to have management approval of a budget?

    Master Budget For The Country Store

    The country store is eager to prepare a budget for the next quarter, which is typically quite busy. She is most concerned with her cash position because she expects that she will have to borrow to finance purchases in anticipation of sales. She has gathered all the data necessary to prepare the simplified budget shown in Exhibit

    Campaign Budget

    You are managing a campaign for a state representative election. The candidate is running unopposed on the party ticket and will only face the incumbent. You have a budget of 150K cash and 9 months to election day. What does you tentative budget look like? (You have no overhead for campaign headquarters, LAN phone line, or ut

    Budget Plan for the new Department

    The company employees 550 people Annual earnings are $46 M Revenues os $1 Billion a year. Budget Plan for PR Campaign -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need help in writing about 400 words on a "Budget " for the following outline. We have most of the body of the pap


    Can you walk through the steps of setting up this budget? XYZ has compiled sales and disbursement estimates for the coming months of January through May. Historically 60% of sales are for cash with the remaining 40% collected the following month. The ending balance injanuary is $1000. 1)using the data below prepare a cash b

    The Master Budget

    Once individual annual budgets have been prepared, they are combined into a large budget called the master budget. Some of the budgets included in the master budget are the sales, purchases, operating expenses, capital, and cash budgets. Ben and Jerry's Homemade, Inc., makes ice cream and frozen yogurt products. Describe so

    Flexible budget planning

    Use the following to answer question: Fixed costs budgeted for Caterton's Maintenance Department for last year totaled $280,000; actual fixed costs for the year totaled $308,000. The level of budgeted fixed costs is determined by peak-period requirements. The Milling Department requires 15/35 of the peak-period capacity and t

    Preparation of reduced budgets, and cost classifications

    Dr Stephanie White the chief Administrator of Uptown Clinic ,a community mental health agency, is concerned about the the dilemna of coping with reduced budgets next year and into the foreseeable future ,but increasing demand for services. In order to plan for reduced budget ,she must first identify where costs can be cut or red


    The Sticky Company makes a glue that is used to glue the layers of wood veneer together to make plywood. The process for making the glue has been used for many years and the customers are satisfied with the product. The Sticky Company has had very low turnover of personnel and the president and the managers have all been with th

    Production Budget and Variances

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- Meenibuck 2000 units Teenibuck 2400 units Deluxibuck 1800 units It has now been discovered that the supply of material X is limited to 38 000 Kilos. Required a) Calculate the contribution per kilo of material X used for each

    Preparing a Purchasing Budget

    The young company produces vegetable candy bars called Veggie bars. Each six ounce Veggie bar contains five ounces of Brussels sprouts, which Young purchases for $0.05 an ounce, budgeted production of vegetable candy bars for the first four months of 2001 is as follows: Units January: 100,000 February: 120,000 March: 11

    Help with budgeting

    Budgeting excel problems (See attached files for full problem description) --- Al, It's that time of year again - budget time! As you know, we're starting late, so I need you to throw this together in a week. Yesterday, the management team met and made the following decisions for the budget : - Let's shoot for around

    Master Budget

    Schedule of Expected Sales March April May June July 2nd Quarter Totals Sales 60,000 70,000 85,000 90,000 50,000 245,000 Cash Sales 12,000 14,000 17,000 18,000 10,000 Credit Sales 48,000 56,000 68,000 72,000 40,000 Schedule of Expected Cash Collection April May June July 2nd Quarter