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Coefficient of skewness

I am having a great deal of difficulty figuring the last part of a problem out. I am stuck and need help. b. Determine the coefficient of skewness using Pearson's method. c. Determine the coefficient of skewness using the software method. 25. Listed below are the commissions earned ($000) last year by the sales repres

Balance on current account

Balance on current account --- Given the following information, determine the balance on the United States' current account and capital accounts: Imports 211.5 Net income from foreign investments 32.3 Foreign investments in US

Financial management: Calculate expected stock price, seven years from now.

A stock currently sells for $28 a share. Its dividend is growing at a constant rate, and its dividend yield is 5 percent. The required rate of return on the company's stock is expected to remain constant at 13 percent. What is the expected stock price, seven years from now? $24.62 $29.99 $39.40 $41.83 $47.98

Multiple Choice Questions

Q1.Explain two ways in which control accounts can be used in small business. Please note the owner is not operating full double entry system. Q2.Explain two limitations to the usefulness of control accounts. In small business, if the owner is not operating full double entry system. Q3.Explain two ways in which the going co

Accounting problem

With the help of another tutor, I received help in developing a set of pro forma financials (income statement and balance sheet only) for the next fiscal year-end using the percent-of-sales method. Assuming that the company's sales have increased by 20%. (Please see the attached document) What I'm not clear on is how or where

Accounting /business

1. Calculating Ratios. Here are simplified financial statements of Phone Corporation from a recent year: INCOME STATEMENT INCOME STATEMENT (fi (figur gures in millions of dollars) es in millions of dollars) Net sales 13,193 Cost of goo

Depreciation & book value of equipment

Reds Co equipment account has a balance of $833,000 at 1/1/05. The related accumulated depreciation account was $239,000 on 12/31/05. During 2005, the following post-acquisition events involving the equipment occurred: a) allocated cost of the equipment used during 2005 in a systematic manner $94,000 b) equipment (A/D=

Appraisal vs winning bid

On 11/3/05, Reds Co was the winning bidder at the local auction. The winning bid was $115,000 for a collection of stuff to be used in the business. The following values were obtained on this same date from an independent appraiser for the items won: Equipment $29,000 Furniture $30,000 Machines $46,000 Tools $

Valuation allowance for a tax loss

What are some of the positive and negative evidence used to establish the need for a valuation allowance for a tax loss carryforward and what are the effects of the valuation allowance on the free cash flow forecast? I cant find any information on this anywhere. Please be specific with this. I need to understand it.

Split-off point & pay back period

Use the following to answer question 89: Dowchow Company makes two products from a common input. Joint processing costs up to the split-off point total $38,400 a year. The company allocates these costs to the joint products on the basis of their total sales values at the split-off point. Each product may be sold at the split-of

Throughput time

Ricric Corporation has provided the following data for one of its products: Process time 3 days Queue time 4 days Inspection time 0.7 days Move time 0.3 days Wait time 9 days 73. The throughput time for this operation would be: A) 8 days. C) 17 days. B) 3 days. D) 7.7 days.

Conversion costs

55. Narver Company uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. Operating data for the Lubricating Department for the month of October appear below: Percentage Unit complete Beginning work

Unit costs

54. Golden, Inc., has been manufacturing 5,000 units of Part 10541 which is used in one of its products. At this level of production, the unit product cost of Part 10541 is as follows: Direct materials $ 2 Direct labor $ 8 Variable manufacturing overh

Income and Profits

Please help with the following problem. Use the following to answer questions 42-43: The following is Addison Corporation's contribution format income statement for last month: Sales $1,000,000 Less variable expenses 700,000 Contribution margin 300,000 Less fix

Litton Company: Variable manufacturing overhead

Use the following to answer question 24: The Litton Company has established standards as follows: Direct material 3 lbs. @ $4/lb. = $12 per unit Direct labor 2 hrs. @ $8/hr. = $16 per unit Variable manuf. Overhead 2 hrs. @ $5/hr. = $10 per unit Actual production figures for the past year are given below. The company rec

Sales Tax

Padres Co. sells goods subject to a state tax of 5%. State law requires that the amount of sales tax collected during the month be remitted by the end of the following month. At the time of a sale, Padres Co credits the sales account for both the amount of sales revenue and sales tax. Sales tax, when paid, is then debited to

Activity-based costing vs traditional overhead allocation

Activity-based costing versus tradtional overhead allocation methods: Woodruff Industries manufactures and sells custom-made coffee tables. Its job costing system was designed using an activity-based costing approach. Direct materials and direct labor costs are accumulated separately, along with information concerning three


Cardinals Co issued $900,000 of 8%, 4-year bonds on 6/1/05 at {96} plus accrued interest. The bonds mature on 3/1/09, and pay interest each 3/1 and 9/1. The straight line method is used to amortize any discount or premium. Compute the 1) amt of interest expense reported FYE 12/31/05 2) balance of the discount account at

Accounting Debate Questions for Standards and Implementation

Provide a two or three sentence response that argues for or against (indicate which) each of these statements: a. Accounting is an exact science b. Mangers choose accounting procedures that produce the most accurate picture of the company's operating performance and financial condition. c. Accounting standards in the Un

Solve equations by grafting, substitution, addition method

Solve by graphing, indicate whether each system is independent, inconsistent, or dependent. 1. x + y = 5 x - y = -1 2. y = -x y = -x + 3 Solve by substitution, indicate whether each system is independent, inconsistent, or dependent. 3. x - y = 3 3x - 2y = 3 4. 2x - y = 3 6x - 9 = 3y Solve by the addition metho

Accounting multiple choice questions explained in this solution

Definitional 1. A (n) __________ is a legal entity created by a state, and it is separated from its owners and managers. 2. The ________ _____ lists the firm's assets as well as claims against those assets. 3. The debt ratio, which is the ratio of ______ ___ to ________ ________, measures proportion of funds supplied b

Capital stock transactions

On the basis of the explanation for each entry, prepare the entry that should have been made for the capital stock transactions.


Cardinals Co purchased some equipment on 12/31/05 by issuing a $525,000, 3%, 5-year note calling for 5 equal annual payments, the first of which to be made on 12/31/06. The appropriate rate of interest for this type of activity is 10%. Since this is a below market interest note, the net method of recording is utilized. Co