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    Sale or Purchase Values in a Poor Economy

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    Please help with the follow business question:

    How would you factor in the sale or purchase values during a poor economy such as we see now?

    Does this provide opportunities for one of the parties?

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    An interesting question and certainly relevant in this economy: In a better economy, people buy and sell with lesser thought to value, but tough times bring out more thoughtful buying and selling.

    There are two basic pricing models in most markets. There is the market value and the replacement cost value. Replacement cost is sometimes called cost, net realizable value, or other terms depending on the product. Market value is simply what the market will bear which sometimes ...

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    This 374 word solution discusses valuation and pricing models in a poor economy. There are numerous examples included in the response to demonstrate the concepts. It includes an outline of what types of investors of an advantage in such an economic climate.