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Accounting: Admitting New Partner Who Contributes Assets

See attached "Word" file. Please do exercise in "Excel" file. Explain each step in simpliest form. Thank you. After the tangible assets have been adjusted to current market prices, the capital accounts of Cecil Jacobs and Maria Estaban have balances of $61,000 and $59,000 respectively. Lee White is to be admitted to the p

Accounting Questions

Exercise 12-1 Miller Construction Company is considering selling excess machinery with a book value of $250,000 (original cost of $375,000 less accumulated depreciation of... a) Prepare a differential analysis report, dated January 3, 2006, for the lease or sell decision. Please see attached.

Cost Structure

Case study: The "baby bust" of the 1960s and early 1970s resulted in the number of college-age 18 - and 19 year-olds contracting sharply from 1980 to 1993. The number of graduating high school seniors peaked in 1979 and declined to a low of 6.9 million in 1992, a drop of nearly 40%. Throughout the eighties, tuition at priv

Gain sharing system and key trends

Question: What are the objectives of the gainsharing system and the report on key trends? The objectives of the Gain Sharing system is to provide extrinsic motivation, rewards that are external to the individual and unrelated to the task they are performing. In addition, the employees have an incentive to perform above par a


You observe the following information regarding Company X and Company Y: ? Company X has a higher expected mean return than Company Y. ? Company X has a lower standard deviation than Company Y. ? Company X has a higher beta than Company Y. Given this information, which of the following statements is most correct? a. Co

Accounting Problems

Please help check and correct my accounting problems: Analysis of Case Liquid Chemical Company Questions and Problems for Consideration 1. Given the two alternatives do the work inside or subcontract it to Packages Ltd? 2. What are the advantages of one alternative over the other? 3. Which action would you favor?

Samson Enterprises: Allocate costs using the step-down method

Samson Enterprises uses the step-down method to allocate service department costs to revenue-producing departments. The support departments, personnel and janitorial, allocate their costs based on the number of employees and departmental square footage, respectively. Relevant data are presented as follows:

Accounting Problems: 1. Paulson Company uses a predetermined overhead rate based on machine hours to apply manufacturing overhead to jobs. The company has provided the following estimated costs for next year... (questions continued in attachment)

Please see attached file for complete details: 1. Paulson Company uses a predetermined overhead rate based on machine hours to apply manufacturing overhead to jobs. The company has provided the following estimated costs for next year: Paulson estimated that 40,000 direct labor hours and 20,000 machine hours would b

Basic financial analysis

Just need some help on several questions on basic financial analysis. I have an idea about how to do it but I want to make sure I'm heading in the right direction! Questions (also attached Excel file for the data): D. Calculate the 2005 debt, times-interest earned and EBITDA coverage ratios. How does this company compare

EBIT and EPS Calculations for Mattel

If Mattel engaged in a capital acquisition program that expected to improve EBIT by 10% in 2004. How do I calculate the EBIT/EPS for debt financing. How do I calculate the EBIT/EPS for equity financing. Based on the above calculations what would be the best capital structure. Please explain and let me know where to f

Transfer pricing

SportCo, Inc. is a multidivisional company that produces and sells athletic equipment. Division 1 produces components for a variety of products, while Division 2 assembles the components and packages the finished product. Both divisions are free to buy and sell internally or externally. For a particular soccer ball, the cost

Textron Industries: residual income, ROI, evaluate a plant expansion opportunity

Lakeesha Roberts is a successful division manager for Textron Industries. Her division's ROI currently is 22%. Roberts is evaluating a plant expansion opportunity that is expected to produce an annual income of $500,000 and require an investment of $3,000,000. The corporation's cost of capital is 12%. a. If Roberts' perfo

Evaluating a Business: Andre's Hair Styling

Andre has asked you to evaluate his business, Andre's Hair Styling. Andre has five barbers working for him. (Andre is not one of them.) Each barber is paid $9.90 per hour and works a 40-hour week and a 50-week year, regardless of the number of haircuts. Rent and other fixed expenses are $1,750 per month. Assume that the only

Business Analysis

Bodger Ltd. has been in the business of buying and selling washing machines for some years, but has decided to look at the possiblity of manufacturing its own brand... (a) Calculate, to the nearest whole number, the break-even point in units and in value for options 2 and 3. (b)Calculate which of the three options is most

Taxes; Life Insurance; Family Maintenance Fund; Needs Approach

Sue and Tom Wright are assistant professors at the local university. They each take home about $40,000 per year after taxes. Sue is 37 years of age, and Tom is 35. Their two children, Mike and Karen, are 13 and 11. Were either one to die, they estimate that the remaining family members would need about 75% of the present comb

Compute DM, DL and OH (4-WAY).

Mayol Company produces widgets with following standard costs per unit: DM (3 lb @ 70/lb)---- $2.10 DL (2 hrs @ $3.50/hrs)---$7.00 Variable OH (2 hrs @ $.50/hr)---1.00 Fixed OH (2 hours @ $2.50/hr)---5.00 Normal monthly production is 7,100 units. During August, the company manufactured 6,950 units. 25,000 lbs of DM wer


1. In the year-end financial statements, the Manufacturing Overhead account should have: a. A debit balance, representing overhead on hand and available for use. b. A credit balance, representing accumulated depreciation and amounts owed to suppliers of overhead items. c. Either a debit or a credit balance, depending upon


Use the following to answer questions 1-4: Shown below are selected data from the balance sheet of Ames Hardware, a small retail store (dollar amounts are in thousands): Cash $20 Accounts receivable 100 Inventory 195 Total assets 450 Current liabilities 150 Non-current liabilities 120 1. Refer to the above data. Ames' d


1. Newby Corporation's 2000 net income is smaller than net cash flow from operating activities. Which of the following would not be an explanation of why net income is smaller than net cash flow from operating activities? a. Newby paid dividends to shareholders during 2000. b. Newby's accounts payable increased during 2000.

Accounting/ business analysis

1. Tandem Corporation issued 200,000 shares of $2 par value capital stock at date of incorporation for cash at a price of $7 per share. During the first year of operations, the company earned $80,000 and declared a dividend of $25,000. At the end of this first year of operations, the balance of the Common Stock account is: