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Also what tax considerations should be factored into the analysis?

I have this project that I'm working on and I have a question. Refer to the attached sheet, hypotheticaly now this company is able to reduce their cash gap by 20days how much additional cash will they have on hand and what would the savings on the annual cot of financing the cash gap at 8%. Also what tax considerations sho

Expected Return on Portfolio

What is the expected return on a portfolio comprised of $3,000 in stock K and $5,000 in stock L if the economy is normal? State of Probability of Returns if State Occurs Economy State of Economy Stock K Stock L Boom 20%

Supplies used during the year

Presented below is a balance sheet for the Don Lane Lawn Service at December 31, 2003. DON LANE LAWN SERVICE Balance Sheet December 31, 2003 Assets Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity Cash $12,000 Liabilities Accounts receivable 7,000 Accounts payable $ 8,000 Supplies 9,000 Notes payable 15,000 Equipment 11,00

Price for Stock

Buttercup's N More wants to offer some preferred stock that pays an annual dividend of $2.00 per share. The company has determined that stocks with familiar characteristics provide a 9 percent rate of return. What price should Buttercup's expect to receive per share for this stock offering?

Ellis Company accumulates the following adjustment data at December 31.

Ellis Company accumulates the following adjustment data at December 31. 1. Revenue of $800 collected in advance has been earned. 2. Salaries of $400 are unpaid. 3. Prepaid rent totaling $450 has expired. 4. Supplies of $350 have been used. 5. Revenue earned but unbilled totals $750. 6. Utility expenses of $300 are unpaid.

XYZ Pharmacy: Effect of Errors

XYZ Pharmacy reported cost of goods sold as follows: 2003 2004 Beginning inventory $ 54,000 $ 64,000 Cost of goods purchased 847,000 891,000 Cost of goods available for sale 901,000 955,000 Ending inventory 64,000 55,000 Cost of goods sold $837,000 $900,000 Perkins made two errors: (1) 20

What needs to be included in gross income?

A man received $7500 for being an executor of an estate. He also received a home worth 100,000 but was only purchased for 30,000. Finally, he receives the life insurance benefits of 100,000. He elected to receive payment in installments and for this year he collected 30,000 of it. With these three scenarios, how much would h

Queuing analysis

Using Excel, solve the following: The Peachtree Airport in Atlanta serves light aircraft. It has a single runway and one air traffic controller to land planes. It takes an airplane 12 minutes to land and clear the runway. Planes arrive at the airport at the rate of 4 per hour. A) Determine the average number of plan

Queuing Analysis

Using Excel, solve the following: The Dynaco Manufacturing Company produces a particular product in an assembly line operation. One of the machines on the line is a drill press that has single assembly line feeding onto it. A partially completed unit arrives at the press to be worked on every 7.5 minutes, on the average.

Equity Method and Consolidation

(See attached file for full problem description) I would like to use these responses to aid me in solving additional problems

Full and Variable Costing

2. MedCo, Inc. manufactures a specialized breathing instrument called the MCB1000. The firm has grown rapidly in recent years because of the product's low price and high quality. However, sales have declined this year due to increased competition and a decrease in the surgical procedures for which the MCB1000 is used. The firm i

Blue, inc.

Blue, inc. sells playground equipment to schools and municipalities. Invoices are mailed at the end of each month for all goods shipped during that month; credit terms are net 30 days. Sales and account receivable data for 2005, 2006, and 2007 were as follows. Year ending December 31 2005 2006 2007 sales $1,785,980 $1,83

Extraordinary item problem

Garber Corp.'s trial balance of income statement accounts for the year ended December 31, 2001 included the following: Debit Credit ???????? ???????? Sales

Significant Influence

1. Which of the following is not an indication that an investor company has the ability to significantly influence an investee? A. Material intercompany transactions. B. The company owns 30 percent of the company but another owner holds the remaining 70 percent. C. Interchange of personnel. D. Technological depend

Healthcare related economics and accounting

Hello BrainMass OTAs We need your expertise with these questions Our study group is working on these pre exam questions and are comparing results. Please carefully review and answer these multiple questions. We will provide a rating after checking responses. 11. Assume that you purchase a 6-year, 8 percent savings c

International accounting questions

1 - What role do tax credits play in international taxation? What considerations might cause tax credits to not achieve their intended results? 2. Sweden has a classical system of taxation. Calculate the total taxes that would be paid by a company headquartered in Stockholm that earns 750,000 swedish krona (SEK) and distribu

Accounting errors and corrections

ABC Corporation is a wholesale distributor of electronic components. Financial statements for the year ended December 31,2002, reported the following amounts and subtotals (in millions): 2001: Assets $740; Liabilities $330; Stockholders' Equity $410; Net Income $210; Expenses $150 2002: Assets $820; Liabilities $400; Stockhol

Markov Processes 17

A large corporation collected data on the reasons both middle managers and senior managers leave the company. Some managers eventually retire, but others leave the company prior to retirement for personal reasons including more attractive positions with other firms. Assume that the following matrix of one-year transition probab


How long does it take to double the money on an investment?

Cost Accounting Differences Explained

Information: 2004 2005 Units Sales (units) 2,400 1,900 Production 2,100 1,500 Budgeted productions and sales 1,875 1,875 Beginning inventory 800 500 Data per unit (variable) Price 2,100 1,950 Direc

Problem Set

3. On October 1, 2001, Coast Financial loaned Barr Corporation $300,000, receiving in exchange a nine-month, 12% note receivable. Coast ends its fiscal year on December 31 and makes adjusting entries to accrue interest earned on all notes receivable. The interest earned on the note receivable from Barr Corporation during 2002 w

Compute manufacturing overhead variances and interpret findings

The following information was taken from the annual manufacturing overhead cost budget of the Fernetti Company. Variable manufacturing overhead costs $33,000 Fixed manufacturing overhead costs $21,450 Normal production level in labor hours 16,500 Normal production level in units 4,125 Standard labor hour

Multiple choice

A corporation issued $600,000 of 8%, 5-year bonds on January 1, at 102. Interest is paid semiannually on January 1 and July 1. If the corporation uses the straight-line method of amortization, the amount of bond interest expense to be recognized on July 1 is a. $22,800. b. $24,000. c. $25,200. d. $48,000. Amway Comp


Should there be more of a standard regarding the income statement or is it acceptable that there is some room for variances? Support your response.

Foreign Tax credit calculations

Valencia Corporation, a U.S. corporation, has 2003 taxable income from U.S. sources of $300,000 and from foreign sources of $120,000 before considering the impact of foreign taxes. It paid $20,000 of foreign taxes during 2003. a. If Valencia's foreign taxes are not creditable, calculate its U.S. tax liability for 2003. b.

Becky Sherrick's regular hourly wage rate is $14...

BE2-4 Becky Sherrick's regular hourly wage rate is $14, and she receives an hourly rate of $21 for work in excess of 40 hours. During a January pay period, Becky works 45 hours. Becky's federal income tax withholding is $95, her FICA tax withheld is $53.20, and she has no voluntary deductions. Compute Becky Sherrick's gross e