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Calculation Of Corporate Tax, Capital Allowances

(See attached files for full problem description) --- 1. Calculate Susan's assessable business for the two years of assessment based on her accounts to 30 April 2002. In order to do this: a) Compute the capital allowances for the year. b) Calculate the adjusted profit for the year after capital allowances. c) Calculate


(See attached file for full problem description) BOSS NASS COMPANY WORK SHEET FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2002 Adjusted

The Marriott Corporation operates many hotels throughout the world...

The Marriott Corporation operates many hotels throughout the world. Suppose one of its Chicago hotels is facing difficult times because of the opening of several new competing hotels. To accommodate its flight personnel, American Airlines has offered Marriott a contract for the coming year that provides a rate of $50 per nig

Stench Foods Company

Stench Foods Company uses a standard cost system to collect costs related to the production of its garlic flavored yogurt. The garlic (materials) standards for each container of yogurt produced are 0.8 ounces of crushed garlic at a standard cost of $2.30 per ounce. During the month of June, Stench purchased 75,000 ounces of

Materials price variance for the month

The following materials standards have been established for a particular raw material used in the company's sole product: Standard quantity per unit of output 0.1 pound Standard price $18.20 per pound The following data pertain to operations for the last month: Actual materials purchased 5,700 pounds Act

Multiple choice accounting questions



The major difference between the indirect and the direct method of a statement of cash flows appears in which the following activities section(s)? The investing activities and financing activities sections. The investing activities section only. The operating activities and financing activities sections. The


Identifying Cost Behavior Hoover's Kitchen, a fast-food restaurant co., operates a chain of restaurants across the nation. Each restaurant employs 8 people; one is a manager paid a salary plus a bonus equal to 3% of sales. Other employees, two cooks, one dishwasher, and four waitresses are paid salaries. Each manager is b

Standard deviation

Year actual return actual return deviation squared deviation 1 -14.69 .05 2 -26.47 .05 3 37.23 .05 4 23.93 .05 5 -7.16 .05 6 6.57 .05 7 18.67

2 Problems

7. You are the newly appointed assistant administrator at a local hospital, and your first project is to investigate the quality of the patient meals put out by the food-service department. You conducted a 10 day survey by submitting a simple questionnaire to the 400 patients with each meal, asking that they simply check off tha

2 Problems

1. An initial pilot run of 10 units produces the following times: Unit Number Time(Minutes) 1 39.00 2 37.05 3 35.95 4 35.20 5 34.62 6 34.16 7 33.77 8 33.44 9 33.14 10 32.89 a According to this pilot run, what is your estimate of the learning rate using the learning curve equation. b. How much time will it take

Description of Unit Contribution Margin

Mirror Company sold 17,000 units and had the following income statement for the most recent year: Sales...$357,000 Variable expenses...$255,000 Contribution margin...$102,000 Fixed expenses...$68,000 Net Income...$34,000 Given this data, the unit contribution margin was:

Detailed Explanation To Degree Of Operating Leverage

A project has fixed costs of $1,000 per year, depreciation charges of $500 a year, revenue of $6,000 a year, and variable costs equal to two-thirds of revenues. a) If sales increase by 5 percent, what will be the increase in pretax profits? b) What is the degree of operating leverage of this project? c) Confirm that the p

Net operating income

Information concerning Label Corporation's operations follow: Sales...$300,000 Variable expenses...$240,000 Fixed expenses...$40,000 Assuming that Label increased sales by 20%, what should net operating income be...choices are? a. $20,000 b. $24,000 c. $32,000 d. $80,000

Net income

A company sells a single product for $20 per unit. If variable expenses are 60% of sales and fixed expenses total $9,600, what would total sales volume have to be in order to achieve net income of $10,000...choices are? a. $33,500 b. $57,000 c. $46,000 d. $49,000

Break-even point

Street Company's fixed expenses total $150,000, its unit sales price is $10 and its variable cost per unit is $5. What is the break-even point in units...choices are? (Points: 15) a. 30,000 b. 38,000 c. 27,500 d. 10,500

Variable, fixed, and mixed costs

3. The relative proportion of variable, fixed, and mixed costs in a firm is known as the firm's...choices are: a. contribution margin b. cost structure c. product mix d. relevant range

period payment question

I have $200,000. What is the present value received at the end of every 6 months for the next 8 years at a discount rate of 7%? fv=200,000(1+ (.07/2))1x2?

Important information about Economic Order Quantity

A large consulting firm orders photocopying paper by the carton. The firm pays a $30 delivery charge on each order. The total cost of storing the paper, including forgone interest, storage space, and deterioration, comes to about $1.50 per carton per month. The firm uses about 1,000 cartons of paper per month. Order Size

International Investing-Return on stock

Please HELP Tris brought a Japanese stock 1 yr. ago when it sold for 280 yen per share and the exchange rate was $.008 per yen. The stock now sells for 350 yen and the exchange rate is $.010 per yen. The stock paid no dividends over the year. a) What was Tris's rate of return on this stock? b) What would be the rate of

Acccounting questions

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Expanded Accounting Equation For the following four cases, use the expanded accounting equation to compute the missing quantity. Assets Liabilities Capital Stock Retained Earnings Case A


Recording Dividends. On April 15, 2003, the board of directors for declared a cash dividend of 20 cents per share payable to stockholders of record on May 20. The dividends will be paid on June 14. The company has 500,000 shares of stock outstanding. Prepare any necessary journal entries for each date.

Correct statement of the null hypothesis

If the intent for research is to try to prove the null hypothesis is true without giving any indication that something else may be proved (alternate hypothesis), then, what is the proper format for stating the null hypothesis? eg. The Chamber of Commerce estimates that "Richmond families, on the average, dine out at least 3

13443 Accounting Problem for Correcting an internal control weakness

This is a Decision Case Problem from my accounting book that is a homework problem to be graded by the professor. Can you answer the Question A & B from the problem given in word document. A-1 Construction Company, headquarted in Terre Haute, Indiana, built a Rest Easy Motel 35 miles east of Terre Haute. The construction for

Accounting: Language of Business

Question: Why is accounting often referred to as the "language of business". What are generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)? Who currently develops and issues GAAP? What is the purpose of GAAP?

Interest expense when a company issues a bond at a discount

205. When a company issues a bond at a discount: the company will pay less than the face amount of the bond at its maturity. the company will pay more than the face amount of the bond at its maturity. the company's interest expense will be less than the interest paid each year. the company's interest expense

Hambley's Toy store is on Regent Street in London...

Hambley's Toy store is on Regent Street in London. It has a magic department near the main door. Suppose that management is considering dropping the magic department, which has consistently shown an operating loss. The predicted income statements follow (for ease of analysis, only three product lines are shown): The $310,000