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    Tax Depreciation and Pre-Tax Income

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    No life is determined for the equipment and no current vs. original value is offered so how do I determine the declining-balance depreciation for Motorola & the Straight-line depreciation for Intel? I've only seen the declining-balance method used when Original Value, Current Value & Life were known factors.

    Motorola's Year 2 10-K states the following:

    Depreciation is recorded principally using the declining-balance method based on the estimated useful lives of the assets (buildings and building equipment, 5-50 years; machinery and equipment, 2-12 years).

    Depreciation is computed for financial reporting purposes principally by use of the straight-line method over the following estimated useful lives: machinery and equipment, 2 to 4 years; land and buildings, 4 to 45 years.

    The following table (see attached) gives several key financial statement figures for each company from its Respective Year 2 10-K and excerpts from its income tax footnote:


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